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At this very moment, several things are happening: the new vampires of Renard Parish are sacrificed on the altar of anger and hatred. Death by fire, death by hubris: Amy is whisking Jason away from his death, and bringing Pluto home. Sam Merlotte has just woken up, naked, in the forest again. And Andy has taken Terry out fishing, like before. It helps us when we can find ways to connect the ones we love to the lives they used to understand. Andy offers that the problem with Iraq is jealousy: "No wonder they're so pissed off at us. We got channel cats and Shreveport poontang." I can assure you that this is not the case. "I missed this," Andy says, but Terry's spotted Sam Merlotte's amazing ass, running through the forest. He throws up some military moves and shows him to Andy, who is amazed. "Yup," says Terry, sitting down again. "I done that before." Andy wonders where he's going, and Terry says, "Where has he been? Nobody cares." Before Andy can ask him what that even means, his phone rings: Hawaii Five-0.

Sookie wakes up on Bill's couch, to the new morning. He's still not home. The old tintype -- Mr. W.T. Compton and family -- sits in a frame on a nearby table. This is his history. His son spotted him from the porch, like Pluto coming home. She is sitting in his history, and his humanity. He is a new country too.

Malcolm's nest is just ... gone. It's a pile of burnt up trash. Bud Dearborn, ever classy, points out that at least we know arson will get rid of them. Sookie arrives, all kinds of freaked out, and she pushes toward the next. Past a guy laughing about the Special of the Day (Country Fried Vampire), and a cop pointing out that the Killer's still on the loose and now they're going to be tied up investigating a hate crime they're all secretly relieved happened. You can't say something stopped being what it's always been: that's the ending of the world. Andy crosses his arms at her, and she asks if Bill is there. Bud delights in it: "No way of knowing. They're awful messy..." But Andy tells her the worst bit: there were four of them. The men lay out the coffins: Nietzsche, Dracula, Erzulie, and the fourth man in the fire.

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