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The Faces That You Meet
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Antonia, having tamed Luis in some fashion, is going to play a trick. Outside the cell, Katie is playing one of those zombie-related minigames that says you have nothing better to do than repeatedly push buttons on a device. There's a zombie thing running through this season that interests me because on the one hand it suits the themes of the season -- embodying other people's shit, trading faces, getting so focused on one activism that you forget the infinite parts of yourself that make you human -- but also raises worldbuilding questions, like, I have my ideas about why the Zombie Thing in America this last few years, and why it keeps coming back, but how does that change in a world that contains outed vampires and the VRA? Are the people of this universe dealing with our social issues plus theirs, making zombies even more relevant?

Anyhow, to Spy Katie it appears that Luis is about to eat Marnie, so she pulls out her silver-bulleted gun, but as it turns out Marnie's trick is to get the human inside the cell so that she can -- and this is fucked up and amazing -- glamour Spy Katie via Luis, actually use her takeover of his brain to take over Katie's brain like a glamour Inception, which is not only a masterpiece as far as the themes of this show but also helps sell the idea that witches are scary as hell.

So much of the Witch War is about presuming conspiracies, because nobody is around to witness every single coincidence and momentary fuckup that leads you there. Sookie has only heard about the vampire attacks on the witches, while Tara has only seen the vile things vampires can do. And it's so much easier to assume complex efforts on behalf of the enemy -- to assume that Tea Partiers have marching orders from somebody, or that the gay marriage thing is coming from one central place or PBS or whatever -- when we're all really just bumping around in the night. And once you are able to picture the other side as a mindless mass of zombies, moving with a central purpose, it allows you to shrink your own worldview down to compensate.

So you have a situation where Marnie's big selling point -- besides the bullshit about practicing her religion -- is the total terrifying asymmetry of vampire's powers over humans and how you have to raise the level of your response to compensate. Which would make them look cruel, knowing these vampires as we do, so you also have to show the ways where witch power is terrifyingly asymmetrical, and this glamour-by-glamouring is a great way to do that, because it's already an overpowering of somebody else's identity: Vampires make zombies of us all. And then to make a zombie of that...

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