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The Faces That You Meet

Eric: "Sookie, I don't want my memory back. If you can overlook the things I've done, and forgive me for them, I don't want to remember. I'm perfectly happy as I am with you."
Sookie, nearly chuckling: "Uh yeah, me too, but I'm still not letting you out."


Luna: "You got a lot of nerve showing up here. Too bad about the educational crisis in this country, or I would call the security guys we used to have."
Sam: "I am very confused when people don't treat me like the nicest person."
Luna: "Well, you were amazingly a dick to me the other night when we fucked."
Sam: "Problem."

And then, pleasantly surprising this, they instantly put together the fact that Sam was never there, and all the barfing blood and fever of Tommy, and realize that Tommy kind of raped her. They both think about barfing, but it's not because they are skinwalkers: Just the regular kind.


Andy shows up for his Holly date, and Arlene exposits that -- since Terry is a Bellefleur -- they've been living at the Bellefleur mansion while their house is getting rebuilt. I would like to see more of this: Caroline and Portia dealing with the onslaught of Andy, Terry and Arlene all at the same time. You don't even need a poltergeist devil-baby to see the comedic potential there.

Arlene, because she is Arlene, instantly deluges Holly with one hundred reasons her relationship with Andy will never work out and it's obnoxious, then becomes doubly so as she remembers that she's married to a Bellefleur man and thus must except him from the generalizations she was just making. In the end, the sour note goes back to being adorable as Arlene sort of gigglingly teases Holly about her date and there's the whole "stop lookin' at me!" cuteness that happens when coworkers tease you about dating. It's great.

Not so great: The date itself, which descends into hell moments after Holly sits down, because Andy is fiending for V. I can't do the math right now but I think the last time he had any onscreen was at least the day before the full moon, which means it was at least two episodes ago. He babbles about the motel where she's staying -- it's the same place he was living with Jason during their stint as the Maryann Ghostbuster duo -- and then just wanders away into the oubliette of addiction, leaving Holly feeling foolish for getting tricked into a date in the first place.

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