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The Faces That You Meet

Meanwhile, Lafayette notices the ghost-lady (her name is Mavis, I don't know how I know that but it's easier than calling her dumb epithets) tickling Mikey and freaks out. I guess that's how long it takes to drive from Mexico to Louisiana, because he is back at work. Although we know from the Bleeds and the surrounding scenes that it's nearly evening at this point, so I guess they had at least twelve hours to make the drive.


Alcide and Debbie fuck for a long time. It's neat to watch, because Alcide is neat-looking, like a superhero but real life. But not even Alcide is enough to keep Debbie on target with the current task, because she is too busy thinking about Sookie. Specifically, thinking about Alcide thinking about Sookie boning Eric right in front of them. She puts a bunch of words in his mouth, capping it off with accusations that he is in love with Miss Stackhouse, but it's really just an addict-brilliant manipulation to get him to swear on a stack of were-Bibles that Debbie is still the only thing he cares about, etc.


Tara introduces the reformed Marmy to the six miles of bullshit that is Antonia Gavilán de Logroño -- "I died at the hands of vampires in the year 1610! Our brave and loyal friend Marnie has summoned me from across the centuries! For we are once again at war!" -- and they all kind of chew on that for awhile.

There's a funny implicit thing about this storyline which never say aloud, but all the actors are clearly in on, where you would have to ask yourself whether this is just Marnie being Marnie. Did a switch finally flip in her head and she's Sally Field now, or is she being dramatic and witchy, or can they assume from all the magical shit she's been pulling that this is true? You could watch this whole show with the viewpoint that Antonia never existed, and it wouldn't really change much: Even the scene where Marnie X'd herself to get Antonia back could, in that construction, just be a symptom of her spiritual suicide whether ghosts exist or not. I mean, most religion and all magic come from the understanding that it doesn't matter -- that there's no meaningful distinction to be made between inner truth and outer fact, and that getting confused about that results in the madness of both Dawkins and Falwell -- but as a viewer it's an interesting meta-game to play.

Some folks leave, and Antonia wishes them well -- after all, if they're gonna lose their nerve, they'll get what Katie had coming -- and gives a great big speech about how the vampires are coming, they've fucked with at least two of them and it's practically useless at this point to point any fingers about it.

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