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The Faces That You Meet


How great is Bill this season? He's turning into the best character, it's so weird. Anyway, Sheriff Luis comes to visit the King in his office, and once he says the name -- Antonia Gavilán de Logroño, a name you will be hearing ever so much -- Bill goes into red alert. Not quite fast enough -- Luis shoots him with Katie's silver bullet guy immediately -- but he's so intrigued by the mention that he ends up cornering Luis on the floor. Before he can get any answers, Luis finally stakes himself, and once again Bill has a mess on his floor. Seems like more dudes bite it on Bill's property than anywhere else, and you know every drop of vampire mess on those carpets is like a thousand slivers in his vampire heart.


Naomi: "I changed my mind. I don't like Tara. And everything you've shown me says that you don't really like her either. Fuck her. Let's go."

But Tara's stuck now: Pam is coming for her and it's not going to be pretty, so she has to Harry & The Hendersons Naomi on up out of there and stick around to fight in some undetermined way. I confess that I don't really know what Tara's plan is, it seems like she's just going full nihilism at this point. Like that old prom dress and crimped hair are just a fifth of vodka away. In any case, it's good to let go of Naomi now that she's been assured she was something more than just an experiment. Naomi finally leaves town, and there is a great deal of sobbing all over the place.


Jason listens to country and does a bunch of amazing vertical pushups and tries not to think about Jessica, which is even harder for magic vampire reasons he doesn't even know about, and you can tell he's really losing it. So when Hoyt comes in with the Eeyore cloud he's been affecting of late -- ever since Jessica glamoured him, really -- Jason assumes that it's to kill him for having thoughts about Jess. Instead, it is to close ranks because they are best friends: He's got intense girl trouble, Jason's got trauma, and Hoyt's very worried about them both.

Half the unsaid things, it's interesting, are possibly involved in this conversation but neither of them know about it: They're both connected with Jessica's blood and that's throwing things off -- Jason moreso, but even less aware of how it works -- but then also I think it's possible that Hoyt is intuitively reacting against the glamour, or at least the missing moments. Those emotions have to go somewhere, even if it's just physical neurochemicals storing up in response to situations that no longer consciously exist. I always kind of thought Ginger's extreme example had to do with repressing the cognitive dissonance that glamouring might introduce. How do you know what you don't know? You can't, but that doesn't mean it doesn't buzz in the back somewhere, and if it accretes -- which it does -- that's how you get Ginger.

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