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The Faces That You Meet

But it's also about healing, step-by-step unraveling and rewriting the broken story of Sookie and Bill, just as her affair with Bill rewrote the various parts of her history that helped her to heal from childhood. It's a resurrection of its own. And in any life, but especially an Alan Ball life, each resurrection immediately begins to rot around you and you must go looking for the next one. But for this episode at least, it's enough that sex with Eric is the best way for her to heal.

Up for discussion, once they've worn themselves out by actually fucking their way up the stairs, there is discussion of how Eric is kind of jealous of himself because he used to know her better, and desperately needs confirmation that she wants to be with him, regardless of who he becomes, so it's like this love triangle between New and Old Eric and Sookie, who actually takes quite a mature and disclosing approach to the situation: Basically that she never would have fallen for the old Eric because he was a tool that fucked with her and everybody she cares about, but that New Eric is still recognizably a part of him.

Eric, for his part, keeps quiet about the raging monster inside him that Godric was talking about before, but I think maybe it's because that goes without saying. When his feral nature starts to poke through, Sookie will probably be able to deal with it. I mean, if it weren't for the Faerie File they found at Bill's, she would have eventually forgiven him for the assault/rape/torture on the way back from Mississippi. Of all her faults, "underestimating the bullshit vampires will do to you on the slightest pretext" has really become the least of them. Part of her/our world getting bigger was/is always about recognizing the beast in men, and negotiating around it. Sweetly, she promises him at least this: That when he turns back into a monster, she will at least try to feel the way she's feeling now.

I've always seen Sookie in part as using her combined abilities -- in the books, two different things but smartly one thing on the show -- of earth-grounded fairyness and truth-telling psychicness to negotiate a place among the supe communities as a sort of magical therapist or mediation expert. If vampires represent the twinned drives of sex and death, and weres represent the submerged animal Shadow, Sookie's place in the world is defined by her radical honesty.

It's expressed in her unbearable disability, and in her feisty "no bullshit" act, but you can see it taking shape as a real power within this universe. Who better to mediate supernatural disputes than somebody whose powers are centered around discerning false from real, magical from mundane, compassion from selfishness? If she can learn to use these things actively, a sort of living Trump XIV, there is no illusion or delusion that she can't burn through. It's the reason Brenda Chenowith was such a hot-button for me, because of the danger she represented in living that role to the extent that she ignored her own shit, and burned up from the inside. Other's people faces were transparent to her, which itself became her face.

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