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The Faces That You Meet

Or compare when Bill went dark in Mississippi, when he tried to rape Lorena back and she wouldn't let him: Her face was too human and he couldn't handle the intimacy of looking at her, so he twisted her neck all the way around to prove the point and it still got her off. At the time that was about disconnection, but it's interesting because it now sort of retroactively prefigures this season's preoccupation with faces and hiding behind them. What Bill did to Lorena, Sookie does the opposite of that to everybody.

It's also the reason Maryann fell in love with Sookie instantly, and wanted only to destroy her; it's maybe the reason shapeshifters like Sam and Tara so desperately need her support all the time. It's why I'm loving New Eric, as a sort of magical LSAT or final exam, because the way he's acting is the very Last Temptation. Sookie, at least for the moment, has the option of passively giving into that silence that first attracted her to Bill, but she's not blocking out the noise of Old Eric like she would have before: She's actively trying to unite these opposites in every current moment. Neither dark nor light nor neither, but both. So I'd like to think that this moment is one of those: Not active, like Buffy or a cop, but actively gaming the entire table through her own (literally) open mind, like an alchemical sort of shamanic circuit judge.


Well, before Pam can even think about silvering herself or going to ground -- much less get her feet under her for the next attack on Tara -- she's going to need to get pretty again. The best thing that you can do on your worst day is dress up pretty, and Pam's known that longer than anyone alive. So before day falls, she summons good old gobliny Dr. Ludwig -- last seen debreeding Sookie's Jamiroquai attack -- to give her a truly horrific spa treatment. Chemical peels, injectables and all the rest give us a little bit of Real Housewives satire -- "Best I can do is remove the outside rot, you're still decomposing on the inside" -- but it's a little more compassionate than it seems, even as satire, because you have to realize that even when people define themselves by awful shit, like appearances, that's still how they define themselves. That when Ludwig says Pam will have to keep doing this every day for the rest of her existence, that there are some deals you can't unmake.

Which leads back into the other thing, the main deal of the season, which is all about faces, wearing other people's faces, scarring your own face to become somebody else. When you burn a witch, it's her face you must burn last, Jessica's first thought is to eat Marntonia's face, Tommy walks in skins, Tara gets her hair straightened. Pam's appearance defines her behavior and self-control: "I am not a zombie!" she screamed at the rubberneckers earlier tonight. If you really looked on the outside the way you do inside, would you be more beautiful? Or less?

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