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On the way back to Bon Temps, Jesus and Lafayette discuss family stories about Tio Luca, his legendary healing powers, and Jesus drops a bomb that goes without comment: "Tio Luca said that every life he saved cost him a little bit of his own." I wonder if this will come back into play? (Maybe that's only going to matter if Lafayette is able to keep the powers of the people he channels, but it's still an interesting line of dialogue. Very much in tune with the rest of the show.) Then, a fun exchange:

Jesus: "Don't you see how rare this is? You and Marnie are the only people that I've ever met who can connect with the dead. Being a medium is a serious calling."
Lafayette: "I wish I didn't always have to answer."
Jesus: "You don't have a choice. You are the answer."


Sam, on the phone: "Hey, beautiful!"
Luna, at school: "Hey, fuck off!"

Holly: "So all those witches over there in the corner, they're also joining Marnie's army?"
Tara: "None of us have anything better to do, and she's become weirdly charismatic."
Holly: "Seems like a good way to get my homeless single-mother ass killed."
Tara: "You were the first person to talk to me about sexual assault, and how you killed the guy that raped you; I'm just returning the favor."
Holly: "Persuasive argument indeed."

Because in the same way that vampires don't actually equal gay people -- which, four years in I still don't understand how this is confusing for people -- the Marmy is only sort of about rape, about the asymmetry of power that Jason's assault points up. I was worried for a couple of weeks that there would be some kind of one-to-one correspondence and the Marmy would become like this 1970's Germaine Greer mustache thing, but no: It's about early-days feminism in the same way that vampires are modern gay people, which is to say yes but also no. And the only way you can make that point is by taking Tara and Holly -- one of whom suffered at the hands of a vampire and the other a human, which is different but also the same -- and bringing them in together, in the same gesture.


Waiting around for the shit to start, already getting the Bleeds, Jess and Bill talk about life like it's their last stand at the Alamo, because maybe it is. Bill weeps for all the horrors he unleashed on her, and how much he's come to love her, and Jessica weeps for his guilt in turn, because she's the first person on this show who has been allowed to fully accept her compromises and love herself as she is today, for always. She thanks him many times for bringing her to this life, as though she can talk the guilt out of him for killing her, and then talk turns to Hoyt.

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