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Yes. But in all the mess last night, the horror and the fear, the thing that kept her solid was Bill. "When I'm around him... I don't know how to explain it exactly, but it's like I almost feel normal." In the background a truck screeches to a halt and the door slams. Downstairs, Jason runs in, casting angry looks around, looking for a target. He heads upstairs. Sookie only says his name once before he's knocked her onto the bed.

"It's your fault! Gran is dead because of you. It should have been you!" Maudette, he saw the video. Dawn, he could have loved. Adele was a different story. This a circle, drawn around him, pulling tight as he's heading into the labyrinth. The only link he sees is the one that makes her filthy; the trap he feels caught in. He let it touch him, he let it crawl inside and now it lives there. And his sister is just as dirty as he is.

Tara shoves him away, but he's not stopping. "She's screwing a vampire, Tara. A fucking vampire!" A vampire who, she points out, was there for Sookie when he wasn't. "You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Is that how your grandmother raised you? To beat on your sister? Look at you!" She breaks into angry, hot tears, shoving him back out of the bedroom, linking this violence to the sex to the drugs: "I don't even recognize you anymore! Get the hell out of here. Get out!" He leaves the safety of that space reluctantly, sad eyes on his sister as Tara shoves him out and locks the door and falls back on the bed with Sookie, who shivers and reaches down for the Valium. Word, girl.

Embarrassed, sick and grieving, light jerking in his vision, Jason runs away from the scene of his crimes and is help up by Detective Bellefleur. He tries to get past three times, but makes the mistake of calling him "Andy." He can't remember the girl's name, or phone number, because he can't find his phone, so now his fake Tara alibi is as questionable as this new one. Andy calls this suspicious and Jason asks if he's honestly fucking suggesting that he killed Adele. He doesn't wait before tossing Andy angrily across the yard, denting a truck. He speeds to his truck and flies away, even as Lafayette is staring: "You're a stupid bitch, Jason Stackhouse." Yep, that about covers it.

Inside, Maxine drinks deeply. "Jason Stackhouse tossed Andy Bellefleur like he was nothing but a ragdoll!" Arlene says even the men -- "thicker than walls!" -- on the Friday Night Smackdown Rene watches couldn't do that. Lafayette refills their sweet tea and covers like a good dealer: "You know Jason, he works out a lot. He's real strong." Maxine doesn't care, because drama, and Arlene just gives Lafayette a look like he's fucking Jason. Tara comes down the stairs clapping her hands, ordering everyone out. The holdouts, of course, are Arlene and Maxine... And Sam. "Look, I get it. But right now she needs to be alone... You're a good friend. Now get the fuck out of here. Please." She chases off the stragglers, and Maxine is awful some more on her way out, picking at the buffet the way she picks at anything else. For what's left.

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