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Funeral. A woman sings at the lectern, Jason's jittery legs go crazy, Arlene weeps with Rene beside her, just behind Sookie. Lafayette's in a suit, without his usual headgear; Terry Bellefleur is going nuts as usual. Jason sweats and shakes. "Oh sinner, come home," she sings, as Jason wipes eyes with necktie. The preacher stands, to gather the life of Adele Stackhouse: "To celebrate the time she enjoyed here on earth, and to thank you for each precious moment..."

A creature arrives, in the daylight, in a wheelchair, pushed by Neil the apprentice. A jolt runs through Sookie and she squeezes Tara's hand until it hurts. Jason doesn't know anything; he taps the creature's knee with a fist. She stares at it, even as the preacher speaks. Its head is bald and wrinkled; its eyes contain a multitude of sadnesses and sins. She is revolted; she asks him what the fuck he's doing there. Uncle Bartlett. "But even as we grieve, we shall be comforted knowing that she's in peace now in the Lord's kingdom. And there shall not be more death." Nothing is lost and nothing is forgotten.

"Uncle Bartlett, what are you doing here?" Bartlett can barely meet her eyes: "She was my sister." Sookie's not having it; Sookie knows the boundaries more than anyone alive. It's how she stays alive. "You haven't been part of this family in a long time." He looks back at her, in silence. "Sook, come on. Give the guy a break," says Jason. He doesn't know anything. She is marked; her mind was never her own, but her body was once. The preacher says her name once, twice, calling her to the lectern to deliver a eulogy. She stands unsteadily, nodding at Tara, and heads to the front as Sam watches. Bartlett looks away.

"Adele Stackhouse was everything to me. She wasn't just my grandmother, she was my parent, my teacher... And my best friend." (...oh please if it weren't for you she would be alive ... what's this world coming to, a vampire giving a eulogy ... I thought she was a good girl I guess you can never know ... you should be in that coffin and we all know you...) Sookie clears her thoughts, with Bartlett looking on. "To say she'll be missed just doesn't cut it, because I can't even imagine a world without her in it. She was always there, with a kind word and a hot meal, and a shoulder to cry on. Not just for me, but..." She swallows. Bartlett nearly weeps. (...forgive me Adele please forgive me I never meant to hurt anyone but I couldn't...) "For everyone who knew her." (... poor pathetic thing she is as nuts as nuts can be ... sleep with your grandmother's killer she is dead because of you...) "Shut up!" Sookie finally screams. Don't they know she knows that?

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