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"All of you, shut the fuck up!" They gasp, and think twice as hard. (Look at her cursing ... this whole world's just ... plain crazy lock her up and throw away the key.) Sam is shocked, staring at her; she gives up and runs. Just hauls ass. Tara watches sadly as Jason throws himself after her; the preacher asks for another speaker. "I've got something to say," a woman says, in an unforgettable, shaking voice. Tara closes her eyes; Lafayette puts his hand on her shoulder. Momma Thornton, shaky on her pins, makes her way around the assembled group; Tara grabs at her as she heads for the lectern but there's no stopping her. "Oh my fucking God, girl. This is about to be ugly."

Momma Thornton takes the stage. "I didn't know Miss Stackhouse like a lot of you did. But the few times I did meet her... She was nothing but kind to me. She was a good, God-fearing woman." Her eyes slide off her daughter; she continues. "And when I was... Going through some bad things, my daughter would go stay with her. And I always knew she'd be just fine. Adele Stackhouse took care of my baby when I couldn't." She's speaking to Tara now. "And I'll always be grateful for that." Her loneliness is private; all loneliness is private, just as all grief is private. Like any funeral, we attend alone.

Jason chases his sister through a graveyard, completely alone, having fucked up in more ways than he knows, calling her name. "Sookie, just hold on a sec!" She barely pauses. "Why, so you can hit me again? Go ahead, tell me it's all my fault. Tell me how much you wish it were me in that coffin." She shakes her head, meaning it: "I deserve it." My first thought, when I could think it, was the same as yours when you heard: that I was to blame. But you didn't see her there; you didn't know it in your body, that it is true.

"No, I'm sorry." Almost weeping, he steps closer, begging for forgiveness, but she steps away. Her body is a territory, and it is hers. Without home, among the orphans, it's all we have. "Well, I didn't mean to hurt you. You gotta know that." Hurt? The hitting? That was nothing. That was nothing, compared to what he did next. "You invited Uncle Bartlett!" He doesn't know; he honestly doesn't know. Jason swears, to her terrified eyes, her shaking hands, that Bartlett deserved to be there. "Look, I know he and Gran had their problems, but whatever they were, it don't matter no more. Cause that's what a family does, we forgive each other." Sookie's amazed, as ever, at her brother's ignorance of subtext. He has no idea what he's talking about. Jason stares at her, alone in his grief. They have joined the orphans; their family is each other. "Sookie please. I mean, we're all we got." But Sookie knows better: "We've got nothing." We are alone.

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