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Coroner Mike is excited: "Looks like she put up a hell of a fight. See those defensive cuts on her hand? Straight to the bone?" Neil agrees that it's "hardcore"; there's nothing dark or deep or meaningful about being the coroner's apprentice. It turns out it's just a job. Bodies don't tell you anything real, don't answer any questions or reveal any mysteries. The only mystery our bodies contain was gone before he got there.

"Psycho son of a bitch, going after her all the way that way. Just about the sickest thing I've ever seen," Andy grits, but Bud's seen worse: "There was a murder about six years ago. Lady snapped, blew her husband's head off while he was watching the game. Big chunks of brain all over the TV." Andy asks him why she did it, and Bud looks at him: "Guess she wanted to watch something else. How the hell would I know, Andy? People don't murder because they're right in the head." Andy brings up Jason Stackhouse again, and Bud's like, "This is his grandmother." Andy, obsessed as ever with Jason and Jason's body, is convinced he's enough of a "little perv" that he could do it. He's so wrong. "Adele did bring the fang into a church. Sure that ruffled more than a few feathers. If he didn't do it himself," says Bud. Obsessed as ever with vampires, the strangeness of them, the life and death and sex around them. He's wrong too. Andy protests that "Vampire Bill" told them about the pool of blood, how it wouldn't be there if a vampire were close, and Bud laughs angrily at him. "Vampire Bill? You're on a first-name basis with that bloodsucker now? These things are crafty, they've been killing long enough to know how to cover their tracks..." Bill enters, interrupting. "Am I interrupting?"

Andy: "Whoa." He starts to tell Bill to vacate the crime scene, but Bud waves him off. "I suspect Vampire Bill's been around a dead body or two before. Isn't that right, sir?" Bill doesn't look away, so Bud changes his tone. "Friend of yours, wasn't she?" Bill takes too long to answer, actually considering the question before realizing she was. That made me sad. He didn't even know; his reeducation hadn't even progressed far enough for him to know Adele was his friend; technically Adele Stackhouse was his best friend. Maybe his only friend, in the world, and now she's gone. Bud takes off his hat for that.

"Well, we got a couple more questions for you. Do you mind?" Of course not. In the parlor, Andy asks if he was there when Sookie found the body, but that's not exactly true. He arrives the second after. "Kind of late to be making house calls," Bud says, and then reminds himself that vamps don't sleep. "They sleep," Andy corrects him spicily, "Just not at night." Bud asks Bill if he makes a "habit" of visiting Sookie in the middle of the night, managing to imply he's not only a serial killer but a sex maniac besides, and Bill patiently explains that they had "certain personal matters to discuss." Specifically to the effect that her plan to make him jealous worked so incredibly well that neither of them knows that's what she was doing.

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