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Bill precedes the procession from the house, as Sam listens to Jason's voicemail message. "Bill, what's going on?" He tells her they're moving the body. They're taking her -- it, the body -- out of its house. Her home. Andy tells her to sleep somewhere else, somewhere safer, and she doesn't give a single moment of thought to it. This is home. It smells like home, all the dishes are where she likes them. Even Bill protests but she persists, even as the parade passes by. "This is my house. I'm staying right here." Neil from Kentucky stares, head-on at her and us for the first time, and she flashes on him at Fangtasia. (Please God hope she didn't recognize me at the vampire bar I look different it was dark and...) She tears her eyes, her mind away, and Bud Dearborn -- a friend of her family forever, a person she was trained to trust and to rely on; the man who would have saved Jason from Momma Thornton on the day of the Captain Morgan -- is sickened. Just looking at her face. ...Dumb luck you're not in that bag right now screwing that vampire...

Sookie's face changes and falls, as the world gets bigger: People die. Sheriffs hate. ...You could be next... The world of grownups, infallible and luxuriously protective and smart and well-intentioned, that world is gone. That world never existed. Sometimes adults turn on you; she learned that a long time ago. We learn it every day. But once the authorities fall down on the job, what's left? Sit at a red light at three AM and contemplate the meaning and the significance of that red light: Bud Dearborn is a sign of faith and strength, but he is not those things, any more than the corpse means home. People die. Sheriffs hate. And his words, so soft and unctuous beneath the thoughts: "I'm truly sorry about your grandmother..." She's done with him; from the list of the trusted he is removed. The one thing you want adults to do, they fail; the sheriff of the town is a monster, gleeful in her tragedy. "You all done in there? Because I'd like to clean up, if that's all right." Bud and Andy leave; Bill promises Bellefleur he'll take care of her, as long as he is able.

Bill and Sam agree she shouldn't be alone; Sam offers her his trailer, saying he'll sleep at the bar, but she looks from one to the other. Home is gone. Safe is gone. "I'm as safe here as anywhere," she says. And she's right. What has happened is fangs in flesh, or planes in buildings: the place where you were safe, you are not safe. Adele was her home: she was indistinguishable from the place and from the idea both. She was safety, and she wasn't safe, even in her place of power. "Besides, I got both of you to protect me, haven't I?" Not both. Bill, embarrassed, reminds her he has to go: it's nearly dawn.

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