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The Rubble, Or Our Sins

If we never saw Sarah Newlin again, you'd know it's because she finished the story. Everything else is plot and getting to watch Anna Camp work, but this is the arc for her: To remain an invisible man, she will take down as many whistle blowing (minority) women as it takes. And that is the feminine power of conservatism. And she is fucking welcome to it.


"Hey Jason, it's me. I got your message. Look, just please be careful, all right? And come back in one piece. I was wondering if you'd heard about Terry... If you haven't, I hate to break it to you like this, but he's dead, Jason. The funeral's tomorrow morning. And do you have any idea where Niall is? I haven't seen him or heard from him in a while. Oh my God, I can't believe I'm leaving you all this in a voice mail. I just feel like there's so much I wanna talk to you about. Hopefully I'll see you at the funeral in the morning. I'll save you a seat, okay? I love you."

Either way, she'll be walking in the sun. She calls Bill, and tells him to pick her up in an hour. She's got more prep to do.


Although it's Eric that surprises them, and you know he's fine with whatever. One of Holly's boys is passed out, and the other one has ABCD's top off, when Eric arrives and glamours the boys before taking off after ABCD and drinking. How heavily? Well, even in a crazed grief storm he's still Eric, so I'm sure she'll live. He just needs enough to get onto a spaceship, that's all.


Violet: "Because I have a prison bitch and don't need TruDeath, that's why."
Morris: "Miss Mazurski, please just drink your rations."

Anyone Sane: "That's a weird thing to say. Like we have to drink it? Here in this concentration camp where we find ourselves? I wonder if it has any added ingredients such as vitamins or antioxidants or, I dunno, murder."
In Reality: "Sounds good! Yum yum yum."

Tara: "Great. She drinks it, she dies, everybody wins."
Violet: "Are you talking about my prison bitch?"

Moments later, they realize that the information has spread to (or from) the ladies, and before you know it the entire cast is in the Sunroom, and Jessica is still finding a way for this to be all her fault, but also kind of a fun way to die, because she is very sad about eating all the babies of a nearly extinct race.

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