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The Rubble, Or Our Sins


Gets all gussied up again, but is like the opposite of a bomb this time. She remembers the time that Ben's face came out of the wall and growled all ridiculous at her like the Chamber of Secrets, but to me now this bathroom will only be about one thing: boys just shavin' boys. Shaving the shit out of each other, until they are quite exhausted.

Jason's voice mail was all about, remember, he was realizing he was a racist and that he was going to go join the LAVTF and he completely forgot everything about Ben or Niall dying, but there is a motel in town that will make him sad even just driving by, and he'll never know why.

Sookie's finally listening to voice mails, now that she's returning because she's nervous and also because for the first time ever she is actually thinking about something instead of just doing whatever the fuck pops into her head. She wonders what Jason is even talking about, for a second, and then goes back to putting on makeup. She's wearing all black, looks amazing. But it could still be for a wedding, considering who we're talking about.


Alcide's helping himself to Sam's liquor when he comes back out to talk, and they mainly talk about how is Terry -- still dead -- and how is Nicole -- still pregnant -- which they know because they have smelling powers. I get that it's a sci-fi thing and on that level it's actually pretty cool, like those minute changes in hormones and everything, but what is cool on paper is super fucking weird and creepy and gross when it's Alcide and Sam talking about it behind her back.


Lil' Sis Willa eventually cajoles Pam into chatting up Violet -- who is in her morgue-style "bunk," which I never noticed is where they sleep, that's fucking great -- and it's adorable.

Willa: "Do you think Violet would um..."
Pam: "Yes, Willa. From everything we know about her, she really seems like the sharing type, Willa."
Jessica: "Lil' Willa's hungry! And also, that's our Jason in there. You always liked him."
Pam: "Fuckin' fine. Stop accusing me of feeling things. Violet?"
Violet, inside: "What."
Pam: "Can I talk to you for a..."
Violet, inside.: "No."
Pam: "Welp. I tried, bitches."


Violet: "You're going to be like, Please let me fuck you! And I'm going to be all, No! And you're going to be like, Please fuck me! And I'm going to be like, Okay. But then I'm still going to be like, No! It is very sensual."

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