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Soft Breath, Beating Heart
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At the brink of annihilation, Warlow revealed the truth about Sookie's parents: They were about to murder her, to keep her from becoming a vampire, when he killed them and was thenceforth banished to a pocket hell dimension. The extinction of faeriekind was postponed once again by the survival of one of the Bellefleur girls, but Jessica is now in free-fall. Along with the rest of the vampire cast (excepting Bill), she is now incarcerated at Vamp Camp, where we left Eric and Pam facing off in a fight to the True Death. In other Bon Temps news: Terry pulled a Bulworth, Sam's little family is still on the run from both the LAVTF and Alcide's Pack, and Lafayette kidnapped Sookie while possessed by the ghost of her father, ready to finish the job and drown the girl.


Bill, but not Ben, feels Sookie dying. Ben, but not Bill -- it's daytime and we (hilariously) know Bill can't go outdoors -- rescues her at once. A mother and child reunion, as it were. Once Lala has picked himself up off the forest floor, he comes back for another round, but Sookie calls Ben off before he can eat him: "Long story, but it's not Lafayette doing it, it's my dad, he's a shitty ghost, maybe do some faerie stuff and see what happens."

Corbett hangs around, and Sookie rescinds his invitation from her fucking life for ever. Sad and ghostly, he beats it, and she gets to cry all over again about her dead parents. At least this time it's not causing transdimensional bullshittery, though: Just regular old ghost-banishing, like probably happens every day when some ghost-dad or another gets stuck in a murder loop. We can only hope things go just as easily at Camp Ire.


Pam and Eric face, unmoving, sending the Gov into an ADD rage.

Sarah: "You assured me this would be violent!"
Pam: "I cannot believe I have a sister! That is so shitty that you made another one."

They float into the air, Sophie Anne-style... And then seamlessly work to get rid of both sniper guys behind the wall panels, staking them on their own petards and knocking a hole in the glass of the observation booth. Steve wants to split, because he knows what's coming; Sarah just wants to fight and have Jesus on her side and whatever craziness.

Eric, through the hole: "I see you, Steve Newlin!"

Steve whines, and the SWAT guys enter to get them under control.


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