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Soft Breath, Beating Heart

Bill: "Oh, that's the Tyrant. Oh, I get it now. He's got my daughter. Obviously. Now, give me that Warlow blood so I can drink it and be part faerie (or something?) and I'm going to lock you in this cell using only my Dark Phoenix Mind Powers."

Beautiful Bill strides out into the sun, high on faerie blood and dorkily double-checking on his lawn, as is his way.


Oh, devilish.

Sarah: "Jason! I was thinkin' how tough it is, first day on the job, and I thought, That boy's probably wonderin' just what the heck he got himself into? Maybe saying to himself, I have made a huge motherfucking mistake. So I wanted to make you feel like part of the team."
Doc Overlock: "Welcome to the copulation study..."
Sarah: "That means fucking, Jason. As I'm sure you're aware."
Doc Overlock: "Under the thin guise of science, we watch vampires fuck. For scientific reasons of science."

James -- poor lil' bastard Ryan from Brothers & Sisters, lookin' pretty grown-up these days, with some long hair to match -- is pushed into the chamber, only in PJ bottoms. Jason does not see where this is headed, because he is a sweetheart.

Jason: "I mean, who doesn't like to watch people fuck? Vampires, I mean. I used to have a real thing about that. But where's the other..."
Sarah: "Ahem. Send her in?"

James, ashamed, explains to Jessica what they want, and Sarah smiles down at Jason, behind the glass.

Jessica: "I mean, I don't even know you."
James: "I won't be doing that, for you see I'm not a rapist."

But Sarah is. And this is how she'll do it, forcing Jason to watch so he doesn't break his cover. They zap James with a pinpoint UV spotlight, again and again, until Jessica's screaming in terror. Until she agrees, out of compassion, stripping off her clothes at the glass.

Jessica: "You'll have your show. Just get it over with. Oh, and I'm going to feel like a virgin, okay? But I'm not, it's just a..."
James: "No fucking way. You're a beautiful person and you don't deserve this."
Jessica: "Actually, as of yesterday I disagree on both counts..."

James screams at them, through the glass, as Sarah giggles and zaps him bloody, over and over again. Finally she relents, and they take Jessica away. The last thing she says is her name, so he'll know his new friend. So he'll know anyone.

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