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Soft Breath, Beating Heart

So they won't be entirely alone.


Just loves Terry's new unburdened attitude today, taking out the trash and commiserating with his wife over the rude costumers -- "I finally got you trained!" she laughs -- and he dances around Lafayette, momentarily; she thanks him quite seriously for saving Terry's life, and her own, and Terry walks out into the back with all the garbage, and just as he's throwing it into the garbage, he is murdered.

They hear the shot, all of them. Big John finds him, bleeding out; Lafayette guards the door, pushing Arlene back. Eventually he lets her past, but keeps the customers from watching. Big John lets her take him in his arms, as he's bleeding out, and she holds him in her lap.

"Look at me. Think about all the joy in your life. Your family, us, our children. That beautiful baby boy we brought into this world. Remember when Mikey was still growing inside my tummy? What you'd sing to him every night?"

Under the sun, in the dirt by the Merlotte's garbage bins, she sings and weeps and then he's gone. She kisses him goodbye as the sirens approach.


"...Yes, you shall lie down, and your sleep shall be sweet. Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked when it cometh... The Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from the snare..."

Bill holds his arms wide, grinning madly as the guards open fire on him in the gardens. Eventually, after he's had his fun, he shuts them all down -- and then they fire on each other, in a circle of death.

It's just Bill and the Governor now, in the garden. They circle each other. Burrell pretends ignorance, at first -- "What white room?" -- and then abject fear, and then cleaves to Bill's search for his progeny -- "My daughter's gone, too" -- and when none of that works, he offers himself up as a martyr to the cause. An offering Bill accepts, handily, feeding on the Governor briefly before removing his head, placing it at the foot of a statue nearby, and heading inside.


Nora is quickly succumbing to the disease, with the Bloods up top and diseased blue veins crawling up her body, and Godric's name on her lips. He swears he'll see her free.

Out in Gen Pop -- Top Dog jailhouse lady watching carefully -- Willa laughs with Tara for a moment before doubling over. Tara recognizes it immediately, and her eyes light up. Now it starts.

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