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Soft Breath, Beating Heart

"You gotta go, Babygirl. Listen up, this is glamouring 101... Rip the contacts out if you have to, but keep it moving. You'll get sick if you don't. This is our salvation."

She takes that Gross Rape Guard up on his offer to sexually violate her -- which Tara loves more than anything in at least two seasons, to her credit -- and we're off to the races.

Glamoured, the rapey guard punches out the doctor working on Nora in her last moments, and things move fast: "Buppuppup. Get the coat off her, before you rip her arm off." Willa giggles, overjoyed to see him. He thanks the guard sweetly, holding one a wrist to be unlocked, and they proceed into the corridor: Eric in the guard's gear, his quickly failing sister in the doctor's clean coat, his daughter their surly prisoner.

Nora: "Not sure how much longer I can..."
Eric: "Well, I'm not gonna let you stop. We're all leaving together, once we find Pam."
Willa: "And Tara. And Jessica."
Eric: "Ugh, fine."

He leaves Willa with Nora -- don't touch her, don't let it happen -- and moves into the TruBlood facility, where vats of disease bubble into every bottle. Minutes from being served up to Gen Pop in just a few minutes.


Sookie: "Oh yeah, we're still here? Great. So I've been thinking. Over the past few seasons, the town consensus has changed a little bit over time. Care to guess what..."
Ben: "There is zero way that would work out for me. No thanks."
Sookie: "-- Town retard. But ever since the vampires, it's been slowly changing. People can know a stunning amount of your business, if they're interested. And I've been becoming very interesting, over the years. Now the consensus is that I'm a danger whore."
Ben: "But like, that's not even a term that people..."
Sookie: "I know what they mean. I guess one vampire, everybody gets one vampire. But two? The scariest two in Louisiana? The King and the Sherriff? The murderers of the entire Authority?"
Ben: "That's not... We're not like..."
Sookie: "You think it's offensive because of that word, but maybe I'm just telling you my turn-ons and turn-offs. Because listen, my body has wanted you since the day you tricked me into taking you home. It's all sparks when we touch. I got a taste before I nearly killed you, because I wanted it."
Ben: "You think maybe because we're in love?"

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