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Soft Breath, Beating Heart
Takahashi: "This seems like a real bad idea but okay."


Sam: "Hey, I walked all around all over the place like we're not in hiding, then made sure to talk to as many people as possible about where we're going. And can I just say, I am crushing being on the lam."
Nicole: "Cool. While you were doing that, Emma freaked the fuck out."
Sam: "Why, what on Earth could be the matter?"
Nicole: "You kidnapped her from her family? And that is the entire extent of the plan?"
Sam: "Don't be ridiculous. I am doing the right thing, according to me."
Nicole: "Seriously, we're halfway through the season and it still hasn't sunk in what a moron you're being? It's like you want Raccoona to come eat our faces."
Sam: "You say that like I'm supposed to know what to do next. All I ever do is run, so I'm running."
Nicole: "Her dad died, then her mom died. Now you've kidnapped her, and not that long ago you shot your other kid (slash brother) in the back. And the last time you were on the run, you got molested by -- and subsequently offended -- a woodland Goddess, which ended up still raining hell down on Bon Temps twenty years later. You have got to pull it together, Sam Merlotte."
Sam: "Not likely! I'm going to be honest with you!"


As hoped, it's the Fae place she first went, the one that is in the cemetery, smack between Stackhouse and Compton, life and death. Ben regretfully interrupts her reverie with some breaking news. I like how Ben's always got some fascinating thing going on.

Ben: "Okay, here's a little something you don't know about me. The sun is setting, and I need you to tie me up because of reasons."
Sookie: "The sun never sets in Faerie."
Ben: "Doesn't work that way. IRL. And in here, I am going to eat you. I hate it, but..."
Sookie: "But I've been with you at night. You fed Jason at night."
Ben: "On those occasions I had already eaten our relatives. Just ... trust me on this, I can't be trusted."
Sookie: "That is the sexiest fucking thing I ever heard in my life. You are like every boyfriend at the same time. Jeez."

Later, under the UFO chandelier -- love this season! -- he says something about binding one of the angel gravestones to the Earth "with his life," and asks her to bind his hands behind him, against it. She does so. There's grunting but I don't know if that's supposed to do something for you or what. I've noticed nerds will often pretend that they are turned on by this stuff because they think they're supposed to be -- and I'd imagine some people actually are, even when it's this inconsequential and dumb -- but either way it's impossible for me to imagine what that's like.

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