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Soft Breath, Beating Heart


Alcide goes to find out from his naked dad -- and his creepy naked fried chicken-eating hooker -- where Sam is, then Alcide and his stupid gigolo haircut go sniffing around the motel for Merlotte and Nicole, and they have some kind of discussion about something and nobody cares. He just tells his dad to stay in the motel, naked and dumb, and then takes off. And then the dad smells their sheets also, and I guess whatever.


Is way too self-satisfied when he finally enters the state of having Liliths zooming up into him again. He sasses them.

I AM # 4

Wake up #4 when Holly startles him, and she asks to have a talk about maybe getting an actual name instead of being #4. He names names of people that have existed in the world, and she picks the first one: Adeline. Dissatisfied, she wants three more to remember all of them. #1 seemed like a Braelin, #2 Charlene, and -- she plucks from his head -- Danica. So now her name is Adeline Braelin Charlene Danica Bellefleur. ABCD. It's all very Bon Tempsy.


Is just doing crafts with his gluegun when Terry drops by to, nervously, give him a present: A key to a safe-deposit box, which Lala knows well enough is a bad sign. Terry looks very beautiful at this time, trying to say so many things he can't say, and then steps into Lafayette's arms, to hug him goodbye. Call his fucking wife!

He calls Arlene, of course, immediately.


Holly: "Okay what is it now?"
Arlene: "He's going to kill himself. God, PTSD is the worst even when it's not magic."
Holly: "Well, if your woman's intuition says so, I guess I will only moderately question this suddenly belief you have. Hey, now I know you're a huge racist, but..."
Arlene: "Only when it's not inconvenient! Go on."
Holly: "What if we got a vampire to glamour the PTSD out of him? I know a gay one who's married to the dad of my boys' friend, we could call him up."
Arlene: "As long as we're crossing lines, why not cross all of them? Maybe he can help us redecorate, since he is gay, while he is violating my husband's personhood."

Ugh. But you know, nobody knows about the assassin part. They probably just think he's going to do what ... let's see ... 22 US vets a day do. Did you read that just now? Yeah, turns out about once every hour in this country, we let a veteran commit suicide. I didn't know that. I knew it was something unbelievably astronomical, but that's literally inconceivable. Maybe turning it into a hilariously boring joke two seasons in a row on this show is the sane response.

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