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Soft Breath, Beating Heart

On the one hand, it's sad because Nora never had a chance to be awesome beyond the occasional fit of awesomeness. On the other, it's sad-but-fitting that this is all happening because of Willa. I thought the Willa thing was marvelously balanced: Not only was it what she wanted, rather thirstily, but not even Eric knows how close it came to changing Burrell's mind about some things. I liked it because either outcome would be politically sufficient, but that Eric was honestly shocked and heartbroken by the result. He believed right up until the end that love would win. That Godric's line couldn't help but be victorious; that a father's love for his progeny was the strongest force in the universe.


These bloody Lilith ladies, I think they're an echo, or rather I think that the ladies in Dracula for example are echoes of these ladies, and in turn these ladies are echoes of Fate itself. That's what I think.

Lilith: "Thanks, ladies. Bill, what the fuck."
Bill: "What the fuck you? You what the fuck."
Lilith: "Your daughter's gone, my kid is gone..."
Bill: "Ah know! But where?"
Lilith: "You have to understand I'm one of those Ones on this show that can't give a straight answer. It's not that I don't want to, it's that what you're seeing is barely a little bit of what's really happening."
Bill: "Riddles! Argle-bargle! Where are our kids!?"
Lilith: "The Tyrant took yours, and the blonde ran off with our salvation..."
Bill: "It is obvious what you mean! And yet Ah do not understand!"
Lilith: "I know, William Compton. Even now that you're God, you're still too dorky to get it."

Bill: "Where's the white room? That fire furnace place? Ah demand answers!"
Lilith: "Oh My Me, William Compton. Go home, borrow a fucking clue, and figure it out. I don't need your attitude right now with everything else going on."
Bill: "Okay but Ah have to hang out until my ride gets here."
Lilith: "Ugh! Whatever!"


Oh my God. So Sam called Martha and they're handing her over to Martha and he like, literally says, "I am sorry for being a douchebag this whole season, here is your granddaughter, I don't know why it was necessary for any of this shit to happen." Then he instructs Martha on how to live her fucking life, hugs Emma goodbye, cries and whatever, and it's like... Sam is a good-looking guy. I guess that's enough. I guess that's gonna have to be enough; watching him be a good actor is an upshot. Now we have four episodes to wait for Nicole's lycanthropy to kick in and then maybe she will eat him and then he can be a hot ghost and live at Lafayette's house, and we never have to deal with Emma again. Right? That's an option? Tell me that's an option, that sounds great, right? Ghost behind the bar at Merlotte's, you can only see him in the mirror. Ghostly Sam, and bottles of liqueur floating of their own accord. Nobody would even really care at this point, it's Bon Temps. "Remember that orgy that went on for like three months?" "Yeah, that was way weirder than cute Ghost Sam."

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