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Soft Breath, Beating Heart

"Oh, him? He used to be the owner. Then he was eaten alive by the only person on Earth more self-righteous than he was, and now he is a ghost bartender. In lieu of tips, he likes you to let him give you terrible advice that you should not ever follow."

And over there, who's that? Why it's Tommy Mickens Merlotte, the sweetest ghostly barback in all of Reynard Parish. "Thanks Bro, we need more singles from the back," ghost-Sam would say, and give Tommy a little ghost-peck on the forehead as he went. "Oh, and more ice!"


Gay vampire guy shows up, greets the ladies, and zooms right up in Terry's face.

"Be still, silent. Listen to me. The pain of your past which haunts you, forget it forever. The terrible choices you've made, all your regrets, gone. Gone. [And then, at Arlene's ill-fated prompting] There was no Marines, there was no war. All you need to know is that you're a father, a stepfather, a husband and a cook."

Terry agrees, and Matt thanks Holly for picking up his kids from soccer on the way out.

Holly: "You be careful out there, with curfew and all..."
Matt: "Nobody ever pulls over a Camry!"

There was something very special about Matt, I liked him a lot. Too bad he said that, though, because his ass is for sure going to vampire jail now. And ten seconds after he's gone, Terry blinks and pulls his wife down into his lap, happier and healthier than he's ever been. And very close to death. A thing nobody knows about, now.


Jason's regaling the higher-ups with tales of the Authority's infiltration, profanity-laden racism and murder (and getting shot up with like, supersoldier serum?), when Sarah Newlin walks in, and everybody comes to attention. They both go very still, and when Jason stands it's with hatred in his eyes.

Jason: "Oh, I know who she is. ...From the TV! Everyone knows Miss Newlin."

She nods, pleased at the resolution to the standoff, then clears the room to ask what the fuck he's even doing.

Jason: "Grabbing you by your pretty little Texas balls. I'm getting Jessica out of here, and if you even think about telling them who I am, I'll them the whole story. The governor throws your ass out, and you lose all this. Which by the way is pretty fucking sick, so I'm sure it was your idea."

He pops breath mints and heads out in full gear, too much swagger by half, and Sarah bites at the air where his face just was. What is going on with her? I don't mean the craziness, that's to be expected, but we still don't know how the rescindment worked with Jessica. There's a part of this we can't see yet, and I don't like Jason teasing her before we know what it is. Doesn't that make you nervous? In addition to whatever sick revenge scenario she's probably already got in place just using regular Muggle skillz?

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