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Soft Breath, Beating Heart


Willa won't look up when her father comes in -- "She's already been fed," the guard assures him -- but she demands the second she can smell him to put her in Gen Pop.

Gov: "Oh, that's too dangerous!"
Willa: "I'm in a concentration camp, bitch."
Gov: "The accommodations here are better, trust me..."
Willa: "You're not funny. I know that your heart is breaking but honestly, the overprotective thing is about making you feel better, not based in actual caring."
Gov: "I am dealing with a lot here, sweetheart. Between you and me, I have a futile hope I can still fix this."
Willa: "First of all, I am a dead thing. Secondly, we're playing God now? And third, are you just going to 'fix' me in this fantasy? Or turn everybody."
Gov: "I have to believe Overlark's team is doing all of this sick shit for a reason."

Willa: "Sad. Look, you need to treat me like the rest of my kind. I'm nuts in here."
Gov: "They are not your kind!"
Willa: "Yes. They. Are. Get it through. And you're just as responsible for that as my Maker is. You did it. Now you want to help me with it? With what you made? Put me out there, in Gen Pop, with my friend [don't say it don't say it] Tara. I'm newborn, I don't know anything about what's going on inside me. I'm not lonely, I'm flipping out in an entirely new existence you can't grasp. I need help with this. The thing that is actually happening."

He pats her -- entreatingly, sadly, awkwardly -- on the head, as he goes, but the echoes are disastrous.


Uh, Alcide is still mad at Sam even though he gave back the kid, because he took the kid and because Alcide is crazy under his Eurotrash hair. Also because of Nicole, whom the Pack believes Sam led to them. True, but not his fault.

Sam: "Uh, trust me, Nicole is done videotaping werewolves."
Nicole: "Seriously. You guys are the fucking worst."
Alcide: "But I'm still mad! And not looking so great!"
Sam: "I don't know, man. Kill us or not, but please do something. This storyline is as painful for us as it is for everybody else, and I know you haven't gotten a blowjob in like two episodes."
Alcide: "Good point! Growwwwwl. You can leave and not die, but never go to Shreveport or Bon Temps or anywhere or do anything, or else I will let Raccoona eat your face. Why? Because."

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