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Sex On Fire

"Who they got in there?" Arlene explains about how Sookie found the body, but they're saying Jason was the one that done her in. Hoyt knows better, but nobody knows who did: "Probably the same person that killed Maudette." Rene points out that Bon Temps is too small for girls to be dropping dead like this, and hopes aloud that they "fry the fuck." Arlene gasps and he apologizes to Maxine, who responds in the scariest possible way: "No need to apologize. We're all excited." Rene shrugs, because that's not really the word. "To be a fly on the wall in that apartment right now," Maxine breathes, shaking with joy.

A fly settles on Dawn's lips; Jason is slumped on the couch in the background as Sherriff Bud tries to walk Sookie through it: was the door open or closed? Open. He writes down that the killer, then, must have had the keys.

(Pisses me off, the way she calls me "Andy." Everyone calls Bud "Sheriff," why can't they call me "detective," goddamn it? When am I gonna get some respect around here?)

Mike the coroner covers the body, smiling down creepily. (Would you look at that? A fine pair of perfect, natural breasts. I'd have laid down money that they were fake. Well done, God... And then, not so well done, letting her die like you did.)

It's Jason who's thinking the loudest. (Shit. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck am I gonna do? I already got out of this once, no way they're gonna let me walk again. And I'm too damned pretty to go to prison...)

Bud calls Sookie back to herself, and she shuts it down. What was the question? "Is that the exact position you found her in?" Sookie admits that she pulled the sheet up a bit, although she didn't touch the body, and a little of that Sookie fire comes back when Bud complains about that. "Next time I find a friend dead, I'll try to remember that."

Arlene stands outside the home of a dead woman, a broken dead woman, and complains about the summer heat. Maxine nods, fanning herself, grotesque. "I feel like a cat on a hot tin roof! That's from a play." Hoyt laughs quietly at his mother; Rene heads inside for a beer. Arlene tells him to bring also a bucket of ice, those "nice" plastic cups they got last week, and some doilies. Rene points out that the doily obsession is getting out of control: "Doilies are to protect the table. We outside." Arlene's voice gets hard as she suggests people might want to rest their cups on the car or something, and tells him to shut up and do it. "If all our conversations end with them saying 'Fine', why do they bother putting up a fight?" Maxine laughs. When you're powerless this is what power looks like.

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