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Sex On Fire

Sam produces the key and kisses Sookie on the forehead; a boy's tentative voice asks her to let him by. It's Coroner Mike's new apprentice, Neil Jones from Kentucky. You never really see his face. He says hello, quietly, and Sookie watches Mike joke around as they load the body into their van. "Lift, kid. Come on, lift. You don't have to be too careful. Ain't gonna hurt her!" It's sad, but also scary; it's also very real. Death is one of those things big enough that you never really look at it. You talk around it; in its presence you feel ridiculous and numb and like a rubbernecker. But then at the same time the fear and horror express themselves in such strange ways: witch hunts to save the already dead. Seeing death in the face of a man just because he's dead. Looking for anybody to blame when death comes calling. The more inevitable something is, the more emotional we get.

Jason eats a little snack in the office with Bud and Andy, as Andy goes back over the story again. Jason says he's not going to change his story, and Andy half-heartedly tries to trick him into believing that his story's already changed. Jason gets a very stupid look on his face, because Jason is kind of stupid. "You're trying to trick me! It don't count if I get tricked. Does it?" Andy asks if it gets him off, killing girls and "sticking it" to them. Jason is not into that, exactly. "See, I think it does. I think it turns you on." Jason notes that actually it sounds like Andy's the one that's turned on by it, and Bud laughs. Andy shoots him a look and keeps going with this pointless interrogation.

"Tell me, is that how you do it? Kill 'em then fuck 'em? Or do you fuck 'em and then kill 'em? Or I know," he says, standing self-righteously, "You strangle 'em as you're fucking 'em!" Jason's erection chooses just this inopportune moment to answer the call. "Don't you, you sick fuck? How many other women you done this to besides Dawn and Maudette?" Jason covers his penis and makes a crazy face, begging to use the bathroom. He jumps up and runs, and eager to continue pushing at him, Andy tries to follow, but Bud Dearborn pulls him back. How long before you'd say something? Who watches the watchers? Who tells the kings of this world when they've gone too far?

Jason hobbles through the offices toward the bathroom, leans on the sink, stares down at his giant boner. The release of the pressure as he unzips his jeans is almost too much. Back in the office, Andy complains that Bud laughed at him; Bud says it's only funny because this is pointless. Jason stares down, and touches it, breathing hard. I mean to say that something dead has come to life again, blood pulsing through it, and it's hungry, and it doesn't care who it destroys to feed its hunger. Hot as a fever, hot as rain. It's hunger that sees no difference between pleasure and pain, not because they are connected but because they are both irrelevant: The thing Jason's always been afraid is coming true. In his pants.

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