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Uncle Ruckus Gets A Puppy
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Everybody except Eric is still seeing Lilith all over the place, and using their drug-enhanced cultiness to excuse all manner of tasteless genocide. Sookie and Jason took the faeries on a field trip, accidentally making contact with the vampire who killed their parents. The ifrit introduced a moral quandary, pitting Patrick and Terry against one another in a fight to the death. At some point I still don't get, Russell inducted the Shreveport Pack into his Nazi Werewolf Drug Cult. Hoyt nearly murdered Jessica for no reason, and then got kidnapped. And of all the jerks in this jerky world, it was King Bill Compton who set the final program in motion: Destroy the TruBlood factories, forcing the vampires to feed publicly and finally bring the Prophecy of Tiffany to reality.


The News: "So all the TruBlood factories are blowing up all over the place. People -- meaning humans -- are getting blown up, but that's hardly the worst of it."

Salome: "So this is going swell. Let's feed on this hot guy and I'll say a lot of crazy words."
Russell: "I'm manic and giddy and stopped making sense about half a season ago. Let's say grace before we eat this dude!"
Steve Newlin: "!"
Salome: "Well, since I'm the new Roman I guess I..."
Steve Newlin: "-- Cockblock! I will totally say grace now. It is my favorite thing!"

He does. It is folksy.

Russell: "I am a mystery even to myself that I find any of that business attractive."
Salome: "Well I'm going to say grace anyway in my crazy language, because everything needs to be about me at all times."
Eric: "I guess I will also eat this dude, but it's only because I'm hungry. Not because anybody told me to! I am a rebel, Bill. A loner."
Bill: "I am cockeyed crazy in a cult right now, Eric. I don't have time to adore you like usual."
Eric: "Then move over so I can chew on this nipple of this guy."


Molly: "Are you there, ridiculously contrived elevator apparatus that only exists in this one episode? I gotta get the fuck out! I just realized these people are bonkers."
Elevator: "You need special clearance to go places now."
Molly: "Are you there, Chelsea the admin assistant? I have a special problem."
Chelsea: "You need special clearance to go places because everybody is bonkers now."

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