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Mr. Edgington Goes To Washington

Halfway to vampire, you might say.

Claudine's wandering about, alone, and when she spots Bill she assumes that he's killed her and that's why he can access the Garden. Knowing that's not true, he's more interested in the wherefores of how come he can once again be in the sunlight. Claudine is too busy being terrified and running around, and once he catches up with her you can see she has good reason: Something about her is so enticing and delicious that even in the middle of protesting that he wouldn't ever hurt Sookie because he loves her, the fangs come out.

Claudine hits him with a whole bunch of Electric Hand, and he flies through the air. She's like, "I know you think you do? But um, c.v. a second ago when you tried to suck my magic blood, dork. That's why you think you love her. Also why every single boy that meets her falls in love with her. Also why Jason is a man-whore. Your own teeth are getting this before you even get there, because you're all romantic and stupid." She refuses to tell him what group she represents, and swears they've protected for a long time now. She has no idea of the sincerity that Bill is capable of pulling out when he needs to, but she's about to.

Haughtily, Claudine does not deign to tell him more, but then something in his voice and eyes maybe gets her interest: "Sookie needs to know what she is, so that she can protect herself. Please. What in God's name are you?" Or maybe it's the fact that he reworded it from earlier, showing growth: Sookie needs to know, so that Sookie can protect herself. If I ran that place I would totally grade on a curve for stuff like that.

Eric's been up all day when Pam wakes up, in the Fed coffin in his office. He's Bleeding all over, but apparently that's just what he does now: Not sleep, then mop it up. So yeah, they're still locked up. He assures her that regardless of the Authority's decision he is going to take the fall and save Pam. She points out that he didn't kill the Magister, technically, but he makes the point that whether or not Russell is a lunatic it's probably easier to pin it on the bird in the hand. They know where the Sheriff is, but not the King. Plus, there's still Talbot guts all over the place in Mississippi, or at least evidence, which means they can pin the whole thing on Eric and just forget about it. Nobody has to know.

Pam's like, "Oh, speaking of killing Talbot, why did you kill Talbot?" Because of Viking things. She's like, "Why didn't you ever tell me the sad Viking story? At least then I would have had something to think about while you ran all over the country acting gay with Russell. At least I would know you were going to fuck him up at some point. But now you're telling me this is the preeminent fact of your entire life and you didn't feel like sharing it with me?"

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