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Big hugs from Jesus and then a little conversation about Ruby Jean, and how Lala's first memory is of her talking to motherfuckers who weren't there. Luckily Jesus is well-informed about both magical crazy and regular crazy, and is qualified to make this diagnosis. The thing with Lafayette now is that he has "opened up something inside" himself and is "just much more sensitive now." Lala's not interested, but Jesus can identify because at the very beginning of learning magic, they put him in a sweat lodge for three days and "the earth started talking to me, literally, with multiple faces."

For some reason that line is so funny. Thenceforth, Jesus could see "things that people wanted to hide," but that eventually it wore off or he got used to it. Lafayette backs him up to the Harry Potter part where this was part of his learning magic, and Jesus is like, "Oh right, if it wasn't obvious, I'm a witch." Lafayette recovers quickly at this point: "You're a witch, who's a nurse, who's a dude. Well shit, I guess I lucked out then." Yeah, you left out the part where he looks like Kevin Alejandro, which is the most important part. The rest of this shit is just bells and whistles as far as I'm concerned.

Tara spends some time with scissors and pain and then cuts off all her sexy braids, crying, resulting in a sort of wonderful explosion of hair that Sookie likes. I like it too. Shape shifting. They make dinner and apologize for being bitches to each other all season, they're sisters, it's going to be okay. But when Sookie admits that she fought a werewolf in her bedroom, Tara knows she's not safe there either. She's not safe anywhere. When Tara hugs her goodbye, her body knows what Tara's not saying, and Sookie holds her sister tighter. "I don't wanna be alone right now," she said.

Where they are taking Russell is an Herveaux construction project with lots of cement trucks and places to pour cement. How crazy would it be to find out that you'd been living or working just a few feet over somebody's head as they went nuttier and nuttier but never died? That's like Sick Building Syndrome to the max. Anyway, Eric explains that he was worried about the concept of Russell finding peace in oblivion, and so he has designed something much worse than death so that Russell won't ever stop being sad.

I wonder how much of this quest to avenge the Vikings is really about Godric? It turned him and Sookie around on each other, when he died, and we haven't really seen him do much else this year. Anyway, as Russell laughs about Eric's quaint ideas of heaven, Godric appears again and tells Eric that everybody deserves peace, but Eric can't handle that idea yet. Bill also has a lot of reasons to hate Russell, from the kidnapping to the coma to getting dumped like eleven times, but also because of that time he went dark and turned Lorena's head all around and then ate a stripper with them. So his weird glee and purple prose at this point make sense, I guess. It's Bill Compton.

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