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Sookie sits in her house totally alone: Alcide's gone, Eric's a fuckface, Bill is something so gross there's not even a word for it, Jason's King of Mongies, Tara's pretty obviously gone, Sam's off doing murders, Gran's dead, cat's dead. Instead of eating pie, she runs off into the graveyard. Which used to be simple: It was the place between her house and Bill's house, and the place Adele was buried, and that was it. Sometimes for sex. But now it's also the place between here and there, too, and it's interesting how we're reminded of this, because it cuts from her running to the same place she always runs, to somebody knocking on Bill's door. And of course it's not Sookie, but at the same time that one little cut just told you how important that is. The geography is shifting. The graveyard meant that Death was between them, but now that Claudine's arrived it means that Life is between them too.

Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana and Mississippi, arrives at Bill's house looking fucking amazing in her widow's weeds and drooling for faerie blood. "I can't wait to feel the sunlight on my skin again. Maybe I'll get a yacht..." Bill once again tries to be cool and once again it is sheer nihilism: "Sookie is not here. Yes, I brought you here under false pretenses. But I do have another surprise for you. Only one of us will leave this house." The Queen's like, "I'm twice as old as you and a bad-ass" and he's like, "Ah have nothin' left to lose" and it's so quaintly Bill that she can't help it, the fight starts there. They fang up and both of them slowly rise into the air like ninjas in the Matrix.

And out in the graveyard, all alone, without her sister and without her brother, Hadley gone to ground, Sookie cries at Adele's grave. "Gran, I am so lost. I followed my heart, but it led me down a dead-end road. I miss you so much. I've never felt so alone, and I've spent my whole life feeling alone." And then she's not alone. Claudine appears, and holds out her hands, and Sookie's not alone at all. And then she's not anything. Then she's just vanished.

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