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I'm intrigued by the idea, centered on Eric, of the pre-vampire life and its obligations. Godric was always honorable in his sort of Godric Code; it seems this year that we are learning that it's Viking Eric that brings in all the naughtiness and the hot-blooded craziness and that Godric sort of tempered that in him, which sounds good in theory but in practice just seems to have made him a manipulative sociopath. Which, not for nothing, but you're chained up to King Russell, who has become everything bad about vampires, but he's coming from this intensely personal, sad place. A place that is, similarily, very human. I think Anna Paquin was right about Godric after all, that the last hope for peace had to die because there is no hope for peace.

Where things shift, which we don't know yet and won't know until the end of the episode, is with Godric's next sort of desperate message, that we are linked in our love and our forgiveness because in the end, death means peace. For everybody. Meaning that when Russell dies, and Eric dies, they will both go to the same place. Meaning that Russell will be worthy of sharing the same space as Godric, somehow. That's when Eric starts to scream.

Sookie's inside Fangtasia! having another coma from getting all her blood drunk by vampires again, if you recall, and once again she has gone to Fairyland, only this time she's alone on this forest path and then visited by a giant chandelier that looms over her in the sky, like a UFO, and it feeds her more light. And then when she's back to her fighting weight, light-wise, she wakes up and sees Bill Compton's goofy old smile, and then she hops right up, presumably full of his blood, and slaps him across his damn face with an f-bomb to boot.

Bill gets plenty sassy with old Stackhouse, all about how yes, he "betrayed" her in a sense, but it was only in the usual sense of lying to her face and pretending to sell her out that he does every single week. To his credit, he does not point out that he's usually having to do this because of her propensity for calling monsters assholes to their faces and then daring them to kill her for no real reason, and other similarly reckless manic behaviors. Bill says it worked, and Russell is even now dying, and of course Sookie's like, "Okay, what's up with Eric then." Pam's still crying by the window and explains the handcuffs and the many drama queen moments Eric's been indulging lately, and of course Sookie runs out of there as fast as possible, knocking Bill's hands away when he tries once again to Cullen her out of having thoughts.

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