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Lafayette asks if she can handle the gun, and there's a nice beat where Lettie Mae reminds him that she was the one who taught him to shoot, when he was little and being bullied. I feel like we've thought about this before, and I know it comes up again in a second, but I really like the idea of young freaky Lafayette having only the town drunk to turn to, and her being so low she couldn't even judge him. Knowing for a fact that she gave him more love and acceptance than his own mother -- speaking of a bitch I'd like to meet one day -- already puts an even neater spin on their team-up the last couple episodes. And makes this even better/worse: he hands her the gun, and she points it at him.

Mission accomplished, Tara. You took the weakest woman in Bon Temps besides yourself, and broke her. Well done. But frankly, why the eff would anybody leave those two alone in any circumstance, much less one directly related to their familial addiction and abuse issues? Or on the other side, nobody thought, "Gee, being tied up in a room with the woman who beat you savagely for the last 28 years -- until about two weeks ago, matter of fact -- roaming free, and praying at random, is probably a little fucked up to deal with all on its own"? Why not just chuck a rabid raccoon in there with them?

Of course, once the gun's pointed at Lafayette he heads into meltdown, because that's what happens these days, because Lafayette's body doesn't know the difference between having a gun pointed at you and being in a room with a vampire, because there isn't one. He folds, and Sookie tends to him while pointing out that Lettie Mae is sending her daughter directly back into the arms of evil, but Lettie Mae doesn't care anymore, about what's best for Tara: "I got a chance to win my baby back for real. The Lord works in mysterious ways." Usually by not doing much of anything. Lafayette can't even dig the handcuff keys out of his pocket on his own, so Sookie grabs them -- staring at a statue on the porch for about five times as long as foreshadowing requires -- and goes inside.

"I pity you," says Lettie Mae, but she's not Lettie Mae anymore. She's Eric. In a dress. Which is funny and all, but you'll see them accrete as we go along, and maybe you'll read The Bacchae and maybe you won't -- and this far into the season it's unlikely you are the kind of person who will -- but there's a reason. Lafayette moans as Eric comes closer: "I don't hate you like your mama does. You can't help what you are. But I cannot let you keep me and Tara apart."

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