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Inside what my notes call "Meat Estates," Tara finds Eggs -- vacant, head dropped, nearly a cut-strings puppet -- at the kitchen table. He wakes to her voice, and they hold each other close. They are family: They are familiar. She tries to get him away, but Maryann appears: "But everything you want is right here!" Eggs grins at her delightedly, even as he's petting Tara's arm around him: He is home. This is his family, finally again. Tara backs away, terrified, holding onto him. "I don't know what you are, but I want out." (As Casey Scott says, "Once you really need it to stop, that's when they ask you, well: Why'd you start?")

"Oh, it's too late for that," Maryann says: you're already my familiar. We are familiar. Tara screeches that she was forced to eat a person's heart, and Maryann laughs: "And you loved it!" Admit it. Admit that the line pulls you. "You don't want us, you want Sam," Tara says weakly. "We ain't got nothing to do with it." Immortals have all the time in the world. Maryann would have gotten to him eventually. But Tara laid out the table, and made her think the right ingredients were there, finally. Finally, finally.

"Nothing to do with it? You summoned me. That night in the woods, with that unfortunate pharmacist? You saw me. Well, you saw you, through me..."

Once more with feeling, Tara stares: The little black-eyed girl, begging "momma" not to hurt her, Miss Jeanette screaming -- "One of you must die!" -- and as above, so below: she brought the knife down. She cast herself into the outer darkness, and invited that darkness in. Her history, her pain, were too much to bear, so she asked for oblivion. She asked to kill that most painful, that most beautiful part of herself, and left a hole the wind could blow through.

"But Miss Jeanette was a fake! She scammed people by making up crazy rituals!" Doesn't change what you did. The unthinkable. Maryann circles the room, enchanting her: "Oh, ritual is powerful thing. And calling forth that kind of energy? It has consequences." Tara asks, then, if Miss Jeanette was real after all. We already know this but I guess it's worth explaining to those who haven't been paying attention. "Sadly, no. And I should have known she wasn't the vessel. But you have to try every option, you know?" Eggs laughs, totally out of it. I guess he was the one. Maybe at that place, past the red converted barn.

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