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Tara begs to be free, and Maryann vibrates at her; Eggs is ecstatic. "That doesn't work on me anymore," Tara says proudly, unaware of what she's lost. Maryann's anger turns to a sweet smile; she approaches, and punches Tara super hard. When she looks up, her eyes are black. It's no longer therapy. Now it's just madness. "That's more like it!" Maryann touches her cheek, overjoyed to have her back, and Eggs nearly cries with relief. They chase each other upstairs, giggling like children.

Maryann looks after them, but the idiots arrive -- where have they been? -- shrieking their triumph: They crawl over each other like puppies for her favor. "...He came!" Terry yells, and Maryann is afraid for a moment that it happened without her: "What?" Arlene grins. "The God Who Comes?" He came!, they howl. "Yeah, and he smoked old Sam Merlotte but good." Maryann is disgusted; they continue. "He had horns. And he took Sam Merlotte and he smote him. And then Sam disappeared. Just boom! Ha-ha! Gone!" Arlene holds up some clothes: "And then -- And Sam's clothes just fell to the ground, empty!" She screams into their minds, all the rage and loneliness and disappointment of a thousand thousand years; they clap hands to their ears but it's their souls she's ripping up. "You fucking morons! Out! Get out!" They run off screeching and sad, and she readjusts. "Must I do everything myself?" And isn't that just the way.

Rosie's tied up and groaning, grunting in a chair, as Jason attempts to interrogate her: "You ain't got nothin' like grenades?" Flamethrowers?" Um, no? This is real life? She promises to tell him if he lets her blow him, but he learned that one the hard way, in a DFW bathtub: "Rosie, I ain't never taken advantage of someone while she was fucked up." She laughs: What about Patsy Lyle, who passed out in the middle of having sex with you. "She was fine when it started!" he exclaims, which apparently is the difference. Gomer appears with a gun to Jason's head, and Rosie gets excited about seeing what happens to Jason's head when he pulls the trigger, but it's a game. Gomer can't remember the name ("Chinese Fire Drill?"), but Jason knows he's talking about Russian roulette. He pulls the trigger, just like Eric, and Jason's saved by chance. Andy cocks a gun and Kevin shoots him with the next bullet, but he's wearing Kevlar. Is there a vest for Jason? No, just the one, which "sucks," but not as much as what could have just happened there. Rosie continues to be bizarre, and they head out.

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