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"I have several new members of court. A Latvian boy. Has to be tasted to be believed. Not polluted like most humans. Tastes exactly the way they used to taste just after I was turned. Before the Industrial Revolution fucked everything to hell. Should I summon him?" He's hot and dumb, but Bill's committed to his sobriety. She rolls her eyes and picks up a copy of Vogue from about 300 AD, ready to make him wait for what he wants. "There are pressing matters at hand I need your help with. I need to know how to kill a maenad." She's intrigued, it's in her wrists and the sharp movement of her neck: "A maenad?" she asks boredly. "In Bon Temps? That's random."

Not really, but he can't tell her that. He doesn't even know how it happened, yet. All he knows is how to make it worse, which he has already done. Sophie-Anne sits down, barely able to keep her curious eyes from his face. "She seems to have caused some sort of mass hypnosis," he explains in his stilted way, sitting again now that his Queen has done so. "The whole town has devolved to a primitive state in a matter of days." The Queen is impressed at the rate, figuring this one's old. "Well," she laughs, "They're all old. Relics."

We're right about the point the Big Bads came out last year too, right? If Steve and Sarah Newlin are the children of Rene Lanier, then Sophie-Anne is born equally of Godric's love of the world and the new, with Maryann's passion and Eric's devotion to fighting for her place in it. Of course Sophie-Anne thinks the old world baddies are laughable, and of course she contains them all. As Barth says, the key to the treasure is the treasure, just as Sookie spent last year learning that every answer stops being the answer when you find it, or else you will stay there and rot. Every synthesis immediately becomes a thesis, because all you do when you answer a question is let two more out of the bottle.

"Ancient Greece, correct?" Bill knows to demonstrate knowledge if she's going to cut to the important parts; she nods. "Before that, even. Orgies, sacrifice?" Yes. Now she's excited: "Cannibalism?" Bill shamefacedly says they suspect it, which makes me think Tara must have learned somewhere along the line about Daphne's heart before the intervention, because now everybody knows about it. (Once you've beaten the shit out of your boyfriend and fucked him in front of your social worker, I'd think something like "Guess what was in that soufflé?" isn't quite so upsetting.) Sophie-Anne shows how exciting she finds this by turning back to her magazine. Bill actually has to ask the next obvious question, because Sophie-Anne is so affected, so he does: "...So how do I kill it?"

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