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The Queen throws her hand -- "Oh, I hate threes!" -- at the Yahtzee table, and Bill's had enough. He picks his way through courtly ways as through a minefield: "Your Majesty, I really need to leave." She keeps playing. He will wait on her. That's what it means. When he finally stands, in a patented Bill Compton huff, she calls him back delightedly. "...Maenads are sad, silly things. The world changed centuries ago, and they're still waiting for the God Who Comes." Does he ever come? "Of course not," she says impatiently. The guides are gone now.

"Gods never actually show up. They only exist in humans' minds. Like money, and morality." Ludis acts like this is deep, but it sort of is: What she's describing in her ineloquent bullshitty way is the answer to Godric's question: a new morality, for vampires and humans alike, that takes all thought as its eternal bricolage. There's no such thing as bad, for vampires, or time. Maryann's teaching the humans the same. We imagine ourselves into our situations and we imagine ourselves out; sometimes, if you push hard enough and have the will, you can break the laws of physics.

"If I can't kill her, how do I get her to leave Bon Temps?" Which is the most sensible, and I sure hope the correct tack, because killing her would be the worst thing I can think of; the Queen rolls her eyes. "She has to believe that she's successfully summoned forth 'Dionysus,' in hope that he will quite literally devour her, until she's lost into oblivion." Hadley rolls the dice; she knows that hope. As Bill knows the rest: "So she seeks death? Uh, the true death. The one thing she's evolved beyond..." The Queen agrees that it's ironic. Godric knew better: that's not irony, that's how it works. They are young yet.

"You know, they're really not that smart, these maenads." And how does she summon this nonexistent God of hers? "I never said he was nonexistent," the Queen contradicts herself, "I just said He never comes." She speaks in riddles. He asks about reality and she tells him about faith; he asks about belief and she lectures him in reality. He thinks they're separate issues, and she's convinced they are nothing like. "She believes if she finds the perfect vessel, sacrifices and devours part of him or her, while surrounded by the magic of her familiars, then her mad God will appear. At that point, when she willingly surrenders herself to him..." She can be killed. Not that she will be, but good luck convincing Sam Merlotte to play that fucking game.

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