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Outside her ocean paradise, standing on the cool blue water, Eric fusses with his hair -- the flight from Shreveport is murder on your hair -- and teases Bill mercilessly for awhile, laughing behind his firm grin as Bill works himself up into a tizzy about how he's only there to ask about the maenad because of Sookie, Sookie, Sookie, and Eric preens: "Oh, Billy. This paranoia, it's really quite unbecoming." He cocks his head, like, since you mention it...: "Has she uh, mentioned me?" She most assuredly has not! And furthermore it was quite desperate of him to take advantage of her weakened state and trick her into drinking his yablahblah. Eric giggles and points out -- as the Bill and Sookie theme starts playing softly -- that Bill did the exact same shit, the night they met. He stomps his dwarven feet. "I was savin her laff!"

"Isn't that convenient?" Eric chuckles, and Bill growls at him for twenty impotent minutes before threatening to tell Sophie-Anne about the whole V-selling storyline that still hasn't actually happened yet. Eric stares at him and reminds him that he totally wouldn't do that. Bill shuffles his feet, pleading and admitting: "I won't! As long as you never come close to Sookie ever again." Anybody else, Eric would be like whatevs, but it's Bill, so you have to remind him not to threaten you. Bill goes, "I don't like threats, either!" and stomps away into the night. Eric has been given pause, but God knows what that whole deal is all about. All I know is that Bill has exactly 65% of the pieces to every puzzle that ever existed, and does not care to have more because the pieces in his possession are more than sufficient.

At Maryann's, Jason feeds Andy carb-load bars and wonders if Sam could turn into a chicken and lay his own egg. And after the whole fascinated-Jason train of thought, from Merlotte's to the station to Maryann's house, you might be tempted to think it's more of the same, but even before the last image in this episode proves it, it's already significant: Gods don't have bellybuttons. They lay the eggs that hatch into Them. They bring Themselves into existence through the belief that births Them. It's all Sophie-Anne was trying to explain, because people are no different. It's all anybody ever does.

That's what the myth of the Phoenix is about, and in this case you're talking about Somebody crossing from the realm of dreams and oracles and visions into the world we know. Maryann wants to bring something across, and that thing is Him, and He wants to come here, and that's why she exists in turn. Faith bends the laws of physics until they break, but this is the definition of faith: reality born from dreams, hard evidence born of fantasy. Guides gone. It's the Eschaton, the thing that Steve Newlin is in love with, and the thing Luke embraced with his dying breath: You lay your own egg.

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