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Lafayette points out that Maryann didn't throw the punches herself, proving he gets it already better than most of them; he points his gun at Tara and tells Sookie to fetch his handcuffs. They are covered in a light purple fur, but he's not going to waste time explaining that. They tie her up and he locks her to the coffee table; she predictably goes Intervention nuts:

First up is Lafayette, who she pronounces jealous because she found love, and he never will, because is a "fucking freak." Lettie Mae is dead set against her happiness because she's never been happy -- and Lettie Mae points out that it's all she ever wanted, even when she was where Tara's at now -- and finally, Sookie's so pathetic she's had to settle for a dead guy. "Wow," Sookie sighs. "That supposed to get me on your side?"

She's past sides. She's past caring. They are all part of the world that is hurting her, and her pain has the talking stick. Finally. This is just the next step in the very necessary thing that started with Miss Jeanette, that Maryann brought to a boil and Sookie and Bill fucked all to hell with their faith-healing violation bullshit. Like she'd be okay, like it was just a magic spell. Which is what got her into this mess, and now everybody's surprised she's backsliding? Although to be fair, everybody in the room now seems to know their role. The only difference between an exorcism and an intervention, frankly, is shame and guilt culture. And you can't go the "your addiction hurts the people that you love" route here, like usual, because someone she loves is in the thick of it, and they're preventing her from saving him.

"I'm going on the front porch to make sure that devil woman don't try to come up in here," says Lafayette, reminding Sookie of all people that supernatural things don't wait for you to show up, when they want you. They'll discuss that further in a bit, but for the real-world application, just look at Tara. It's already here. Any house could be Maryann's house. Sookie looks at Tara, who's just shivering with rage now, and joins Lafayette on the porch. Which means it's now down to Lettie Mae, which seems like a recipe for disaster, even though she's spent most of this season proving she's going to be okay. Exhausted and terrified to see her daughter playing out her story, she throws herself down on the couch and sobs dramatically. It's pretty hilarious. Tara just about spits. "You are kidding me. This ain't happening to you!"

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