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Oh, fuck you, Tara. I mean, I love Tara and I love this storyline more than anybody living, but addicts are so fucking horrible. I mean, okay. The word "shaman" is dorky, but all they really did was take your crisis and put it in a divine context, and what Bill and Sookie have done is take it back out of that context and make it annoying again. The last thing Tara needs is her wits back, because her wits are the problem, and this shit right here is why: crazy people, especially addicts, are exactly as crazy as they are smart.

The smarter you are, and Tara's undisputedly the smartest person in Bon Temps, the crazier you get to be, because you can build all the walls you want and call everybody into question so that nobody can see you properly to give you the reality check. And if they do, you're smarter than reality anyway, so you can get around that one too. What Miss Jeanette did, what Maryann nearly helped Tara do, is confront this shit on the mythic level.

In the old days there wasn't that division: Guys with animal heads would come into your tent in the middle of the night and cut you into a million pieces, and after the longest night they would put you back together stronger, with a crystal in your skull and all that poison just puddled on the ground, and you could speak the language of birds and dreams. Or for Maryann and her sisters: The messengers looked different, but they did the same thing. Now, we tend to medicate.

Miss Jeanette fucked it up by thinking visions follow the same rules as the sympathetic magic that worked for Lettie Mae: She thought killing the black-eyed girl was just like killing the possum. The difference is that in a vision, the possum is you, because everything is you, and you can't kill any part of yourself without opening a hole in the world. And now you've got Lettie Mae, who crossed that line from psychology to shamanism from the other side and found that it worked -- and more importantly, came from the same place as her faith, which Tara also denigrated -- looking at a mirror of herself in those days, and feeling what it was like when there was nobody to catch her.

"If you don't, God will judge you," Tara says, going for the next weak spot, but Lettie Mae assures her that God's the one telling her not to. It was tough love that day in the jailhouse, too, and she was right to do it. She didn't get what she wanted, but it did get her daughter into a treatment program that sidestepped every rational defense she had.

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