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"Uh-uh, it is Satan. That's Satan in your motherfuckin' Sunday hat. Satan has been telling you he is God for a long time, and you've fallen for it hook, line, and sinker." Lettie Mae swears she's wrong, and she is, but Tara can sense her sudden weakness. "Yes, it is," she presses sincerely. "I see it in your eyes, and it's looking right back at me. Like it has ever since I was born. God? You've never been a real woman of God." That's closer, because it treads on the concept of faith, which has plagued Lettie Mae for a long time; it's closer too because Tara believes every word. Tara doesn't need faith, and is too smart for faith, but she has something better: Direct and ecstatic contact with God. "You never stepped outside your own ignorance and fear," Tara weeps selfishly, "And done something selfless for me or for anybody. Well, God is knocking on your door right now, Mama. It couldn't be more loud and clear. Are you gonna let him in?"

Lettie Mae stares, lip wobbling, and drops to the floor in prayer; her daughter weeps with rage, big fat tears running down her cheek: That was her last trick. Now it's up to Lettie Mae, and her silent God: "Save and deliver me from all those who pursue me, or they will tear at me like a lion," like love, like now, "And rip me to pieces, and there will be no one to rescue me..." That's what it was like; that's what her daughter's living now. She finds her answers in prayer. But her guides are gone.

"What was it like inside Tara's head?" Sookie explains that it was limitless: "Like anything could happen. And it probably will. And you can feel your insides expanding, but there's also this... This emptying out of everything right at the very center of your being, and you don't want that to ever stop. Ever." Sounds good. Lafayette agrees, with his eyes sighting down into the gathering night.

Lisa asks Sam about Arlene, while they eat their food. She's sick or something, is his best answer. "Is she blind?" Maybe, sometimes. "Is she gonna die?" No. Not unless we all are. Sam asks if she's gotten sick in front of them, and they matter-of-factly inform him that she's not sick, she's crazy. "She's always kissin' Terry and doin' other gross stuff when her eyes get weird." They ask for a doctor, and wonder if there isn't a higher power, even, they could appeal to. "Like a vampire. I bet a vampire would know what to do." Lisa asks for Vampire Bill, whom Sam assumes is still in Dallas, and Coby asks if he knows any other vampires. (Like maybe somebody he met at a Bar Owner's Association meeting, the concept of which had me rolling for the last ten minutes. "I move that we change last call to 6:15 AM. The current curfew is racist." The Chair does not recognize the member from Fangtasia!)

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