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Anger Is An Energy
then everything switches back again, and the doctor tells them the baby's fine, one "strong little critter," and then Arlene has to watch Terry dance around with joy, pumping his fists and weeping with relief. And all that math she did in her head, to keep from feeling guilty, and all the ways she's trying to save the people that she loves, were for nothing. That's just awful.

While Russell giddily interrogates Sookie -- "Now, what other fairy secrets are you keeping, Miss Stackhouse? Do you have wings?" -- Pam begins to panic. In a hushed aside she begs Eric not to go through with this plan, eyes welling up with tears that she blames on the Bleeds, and finally he takes her face in his hands: "You know I love you more when you're cold and heartless." There's something so sweet and daughterly, for a moment, in her eyes. She nods and tries to be trusting, and not since Godric has it seemed that real or that intense, this bond. It's truly a moment. He kisses her forehead and they rejoin the party, together. I still just love how they're the only line that gets it right. Aren't you grateful Pam's there to be Jessica's godmother?

Chained up, Bill reminds the boys that if they drain her to death they're screwed, no more fairy blood, and Russell chuckles. "Onward to adventure!" Sookie offers once again the suggestion that Bill go royally fuck himself, and Eric stares down at Sookie worrying about drinking her, so finally Russell just grabs her and starts sucking. And he's got her face turned such that Bill's the only thing she can see, and he has to pretend not to care, and it's really yucky, because she's screaming.

Eric steps out into the sunlight, amazing and terrified and shaking, nearly tearing up with joy. Russell and Pam watch him on the CCTV while Bill begs them to let him feed Sookie. Nobody's listening. Russell's weeping with gratitude. Pam can't turn away from the screens because she's too scared for Eric, tears running down her face. Eric is smoking, but prays they won't see it on the cameras. "My hands are shaking. I feel like a little child. Thousands of years of night," he says to Pam. "You can't know."

Pam's maker likes her best when she is cold and heartless. She tries so hard to be cold and heartless today. She smiles at Russell, sweetly, encouragingly, lovingly. Russell finally joins him outside and she stares at them, on camera. She can't even hear Bill, the panic in his voice rising. She can't hear anything; nobody can see her, crying. Trying to be brave. If Eric could have seen, if he could have been there, he would have been. He would have been so brave. Godric had to order him inside, as his maker. Pam can't even see anything, just Eric on the screen and the terror in her ears, and then there's Russell, overjoyed, out on the pavement, and then there's Eric, handcuffing himself to the King of Mississippi with silver chains, forcing him down on knees beside him. To save the world. "Be brave," Pam's maker says outside, and waits to meet the dawn.

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