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Take Me To The River

She does not like the feeling. Not one bit.


Alone, Jessica is horrified to see Andy driving up, shotgun cocked and in hand. The door's still hanging open, so he... Oh, they're just right there. Jessica watches from a doorway as he discovers his children, dead everywhere. He whispers to them, to no avail. Blood streams down Jess's face.

When she zooms out, he pulls it together and draws -- "Vampire Bill, come in here and answer for your crimes!" -- but he's distracted by the one that lived. One of them lived! She doesn't have a name, but she has a fairy pulse and that's a start.


Tara: "So I got Pam took by the LAVTF."
Eric: "Then come on."

They immediately offer themselves up to the guys, for a reason that I'm sure will be explained. I'm not sure it will be a great plan -- Eric's plans have been steadily losing him credit -- but at least Tara will have something to do, I guess.


Pam is none too impressed by the vampire experimentation going on -- a giant hamster wheel turning at vampzoom speeds; fangs yanked out at the root; super-fast fucking of people on science gurneys, ugh -- but her aplomb is intact and back to being charming. Also her hair looks amazing. For once, it hasn't been true in a while, but for once I'm very comforted by Pam's overall outlook on life, and how everything is stupid.


Sarah: "That sucks how your daughter is a vampire and we put her in a concentration camp, but I guess whatever."
Gov: "Not so fast. I am reconsidering that last part of it."
Sarah: "Nah, forget it. It's been ten whole minutes. Look. My sister got Turned. My husband got Turned. It would literally tear my brain apart to consider the fact that any part of them is left, and therefore we do not consider that."
Gov: "And yet I'm going to go check on my daughter now."

Sarah goes off the rails pretty impressively at this point.

Sarah: "Or, why don't we have a baby?"
Gov: "Are you serious right now? Do you not understand... Anything?"
Sarah: "You loved having a kid! Let's get another one. All you have to do is put a ring on it."
Gov: "I can't replace my child like that. I can't just... You saw how it worked out for Russell and Steve when they got that puppy."

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