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Take Me To The River

Plus, is that everybody? Eric and Tara, Pam and Nora, and now Jessica? Jeez. You'd think God would be more clairvoyant than "about thirty-six hours from now."

Jason runs out and one of the SWAT guys puts his hand firmly on Jason's pec in a very odd way, and we learn that Sarah called the LAVTF before coming out to deliver her little "well well well" speech, which is very Sarah of her to do. As is this: "My body is a fucking temple and you have defiled it with your vampire-loving pecker!"

You know how we were talking about how cool it would be to play Jessica, and get to dress up in those outfits all the time and be everybody's favorite? I think probably showing up to work and your work is to be Sarah Newlin is like, the best possible way to start a day. Camp's clearly enjoying the shit out of life this season. Most people I would be weirded out by the cartooniness but not with her, oh no. It's riveting.


Is one of four vampires put into the gas chamber, all shiny and pretty with the red X's on the floor. He takes the situation in, shows no fear, snottily picks an X to stand on, and waits for the others to follow suit. Windows open up and drop three blue bouncing handballs, and the one that doesn't grab one in time gets staked by a surprise gun. Back to the X's, and then there are two, Eric and a lady. Other panels open up in the walls, and they're presented with guns; Eric takes the lady out and then, staring around, snaps his fangs back in.

It's a very efficient, fairly lovely scene. His face carries it, as usual, but the whole way of just the vampires immediately grasping the situation with their super-zoom reflexes and then fighting to the death in one second is a really neat idea. Like for vamps, you don't need a whole Hunger Games because they live so fast it takes just no time at all. Their entire existence is the Hunger Games: This is the whole of Eric's centuries of life, abstracted down to a few graceful movements.

He's released into Gen Pop, CB 2, and immediately scares all the other vampires yelling about finding Pam. Like, they run to the corners and the walls, away from the tables and chairs in this tiny room, and won't look at him.


Consents to therapy only when the guy explains that there are literal guns pointed at her head, but freaks once she realizes that's what it is.

Pam: "Wait, is this therapy? Fuck that. Put me in the fucking room."

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