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Take Me To The River

Doc: "You're a Level One, that's for L3s. We're interested in your mind, not your body."
Pam: "Any other incentives?"
Doc: "I can feed you, via the living donor program or LDP, if I like your answers."
Pam: "Fine. LDP. Female, please."
Somchai: "I'm Somchai. Objectify me whenever you feel like it."
Pam: "I could get to like this."

Doc: "Talk to me about what value you place on life."
Pam: "Human or vampire. If human, who's the human?"
Doc: "Let's say... Me."
Pam: "None whatsoever. Your insignificance to me cannot be underestimated. You are food, nothing else. Not even good food, you reek of tuna fish. And I care more about the life of that tuna you ate than I care about you."
Doc: "You think you're being a smart-ass but really that's exactly the kind of shit I'm looking for. You forgot where you are. Have some Somchai."

She makes sure he's watching. She makes sure he loves it.


Lafayette: "Hey, did you know you work here?"
Sookie: "Whatever. Listen, remember that spirit thing that appeared out of thin air in my bathroom? Turns out it wasn't a spirit, it was a faerie vampire trying to break through a portal from another dimension."
Lafayette: "Let me put down my drink and listen to what you are saying to me."

Sookie: "So yeah, he said he loved me, and I weirdly kind of believe him."
Lala: "Oh, Miss Ma'am. You do find the good in everybody. But this time, no."
Sookie: "Here's the thing nobody remembers about me. I have known the truth, about everything, my entire life. It crippled me. Until vampires, I was cursed. But since vampires, all that happens is lies, all the time. So I need to go back to pre-Bill, I need a hard reset. I need to find my way back to the truth."
Lala: "Whatever you need."


Terry has called up an old war-buddy who is irritated to be dealing with Terry, and then -- right after you realize what's about to happen; this episode leaves no puppies unkicked -- he offers to pay the guy to kill him. Between the regular guilt and PTSD, then the smoke monster, and then having to kill Patrick on top of it, Terry is done. His beautiful smile when he makes the offer, that fades when Arlene smells something in the air and comes over to check on them, is just the saddest thing.

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