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Eric's overly high expectations of Bill Compton continued biting him in the ass, as Bill sold out both Godric's kids and Molly in the mix. Jason and Sookie are on the fairy case to find the mysterious Warlow, the vampire that killed their parents; Jason and Jess have just about ruined Hoyt forever. Sookie and Sam managed to take down the Obamas with some help from Andy Bellefleur, Steve and Russell persist in bothering the Shreveport wolves with their Nazi drug cult nonsense, and have taken Emma as their little gay baby, while a grody new Sherriff has taken over Area V and Fangtasia! itself.


In one of the best openings of an episode ever, Sookie chows down on some Chinese while watching Steve Newlin do his day job as the new Nan Flanagan, talking about how the TruBlood factory explosions have increased vampire attacks by 50 percent. She's yelling at the screen when there's a knock at the door: Coroner Mike Spencer, reintroduced over the past few weeks as a possible red herring for the Dragon, turns out to be a whole other kind of thing. She invites him in, he pops fang and tries to eat her, and eventually she stakes him with a chopstick, and it's amazing. I don't even know what to say, beyond the fact that this show is rarely very scary -- and that was quite scary. In the end, she's left sitting in puddle of Mike goo, takeout ruined, just kind of chilling in the ongoing wet mess that is the three-way war between people, vampires and fae.


Authorities: "Molly! Thanks for inventing the iStake we have put on you since you're the only person in this whole building with your shit together at all."
Molly: (Is total Tank Girl for the few minutes they let her live, trying to explain that they are all insane drug addicts now and that evolution is not compatible with fundamentalism, because they are retrograde creepazoids. Then she explodes.)
Newlin: "OMFG! I've never actually seen a vampire get staked before, that was awesome!"
Salome: "First of all, bullshit. You were the leader of a vamp-staking megachurch. This wide-eyed innocent routine only serves the single purpose of making your relationship with Russell even more problematic and retrograde."
Russell: "Steve, do you want to go on a date right now?"
Authorities: "He can't, he has homework for tomorrow. Nan Flanagan stuff."
Russell: "No, we're going out. I feel like Greek. Have fun dealing with Eric, though."

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