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Gone, Gone, Gone

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Love Isn't A Good Sailor

She counts him down. They kiss him goodbye. And when he opens his eyes, they're gone.


Jason plays with a teddy bear -- flipping its dress up, at one point -- while Sookie talks herself out and packs up, so she can go stay with him. Not sure who needs it more.

Sookie: "You know, in a funny way, it's like Hoyt's forgiven you. He wanted to let it go, he just couldn't do it himself."
Jason: "Mostly it feels like hell. I honestly thought maybe that once we caught the Dragon and saved him, he'd spit up all the crazy and anger from the last couple seasons and we could just all be okay again. We'd find Warlow..."
Sookie: "Ghost Gran is no help at all. Everything is terrible, all the time."

Jason, out of nowhere, pulls up a trapdoor in the floor under Sookie's bed, because he's such a good cop I guess, and finds some ancient scroll. Never a good sign.


Sam pretends to be a reporter from Dog Monthly, a magazine he invented so cleverly, to find out where Reverend and his puppy are headed tonight.

Sam: "I fucking hate humans! It's suddenly my entire storyline!"
Luna: "I know, and nobody cares that they kidnapped our daughter to be their puppy."
Sam: "Blast this world of soups! Nobody believes you when you talk about three thousand year old Druids and babies turning into wolves and Nazi drug cults."
Luna: "Hey, isn't he going to debate that old boyfriend of Lafayette's on TV? We should go there, it's even in Louisiana."
Sam: "But we only have several hours to get there! Dang it!"
Luna: "I know. I just wish we had magic powers."
Sam: "That would really help us get there faster. If we had those."


Sookie and Jason take the scroll to the college, where there is book learnin'. But not in this case! That strange language on the scroll is a strange language that isn't on any other scrolls, as far as college knows. It's two hundred years old, or so, and doesn't work like a real regular alphabet but like a weird squiggly list of squiggles. Still, points for at least doing one thing that actually makes sense. I always like it on a vampire or werewolf show or movie when the person googles the word "vampire," or "werewolf," to see what those are.


Everybody's staying home and cuddling up close these days. The vampires don't bother going out because there's no TruBlood anywhere, and the humans don't bother going out for the same reason plus dying, and so everything is empty all the time. Lafayette serves up some food to Andy and Holly -- Andy's been escorting her home, in the pre-war days lately -- and Lafayette acts gay and then they nuzzle and are cute. This is a great episode and these little texture scenes are a huge part of why. What story does this move forward? None. It's just slices of life, to fill in the places where an ifrit once cavorted.

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