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In Rhythm & Sorrow

Only lightly smoking, Bill wonders about his newfound imperviousness -- will he now begin to sparkle, and scrapbook, and eschew all intimacy? -- before picking himself up and, still wearing Russell's tracksuit, not that he doesn't adore them, going to ground.

Bubba Guy callously compares Sam-Dog's future in the ring to -- once again in this episode, please do note, because I am sick and tired of hearing about what a crappy show this is when all that does is prove how lazy and dumb you are, but then I say the same thing about Gossip Girl, so clearly I can't be trusted -- the act of rape. Sam responds by taking human form -- a specifically love-letter-to-us-all naked form, with a chrome dog-collar chain around his neck -- and bopping sweet Bubba on the head. He crams him into one of the cages, and then opens all the rest of them because Sam is a sweetheart and because Sam does not think about what unleashing a herd of vicious, abused, mindless, dogfighting dogs into the countryside might actually accomplish. (Or would be, if this whole storyline and particularly this moment weren't actually about Tommy.)

Much is done at the hospital in Ruston regarding Sookie's blood-free existence at this time. They rush her around, they put in transfusion lines, they hold Alcide and Tara back as they work, they get all kinds of "units" and whatever, I don't know about blood. They do a lot of medical things related to blood. She seizes and they wig out. Her beautiful dress is ruined. They take out the line and head to the waiting room. Thing is, Miss Thornton, Sookie's lost a lot of blood, but she's rejecting everything they give her. Tara yells quietly about this, and the woman -- with a spooky camera push and mystery music -- explains the ridiculous fact that Sookie Stackhouse has no blood type, and will not accept even O-. And therefore Sookie is going to die. Because she doesn't have a blood type.

Dogfighting, which is so artfully filmed that a lot of the audience is so upset that they cannot watch the scene and must flee the room due to their sensitive feelings even though there is actually no dogfighting in this dogfighting, just people yelling and smoking cigarettes, including Melinda Mickens. Sam pulls a fire-ish alarm ("Actual humans who wouldn't countenance this bullshit are coming!") and everybody scatters and he jumps into the ring, yelling at the dog that was just fighting Tommy to go away, and then their little family is alone; Tommy's little body is bleeding all over on the ground, but it looks like he was winning. Sam tells dad to give Tommy his clothes, because there is nothing I've been missing quite so much as the urine-stained rank underpants of Joe Lee Mickens. They're like a character on the show at this point. With a Special Appearance by You Barfing.

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