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In Rhythm & Sorrow

Sookie: "Why are we in a tampon commercial?"
Claudine: "Welcome to Iceland! We sell mountains, giggles and dragons!"
Sookie: "Why is the lens more vaselined than a Barbara Walters Special?"
Claudine: "Whatever! We're both wearing fairy dresses and Enya is playing! Have a Fruit Roll-up! Come out into the magical fairy garden! We be rollin' like Harry Potter!"
Sookie: "I feel like Little Nemo right now!"
Claudine: "More like Little Neo! Have some magical water!"

"Ooo, baby," said Life. Heaven is a place on Earth. As is Hell. And those that know the worth? Haven't met one yet. Get in the Game.

Sookie: "My chalice was empty!"
Claudine: "That is because men disrespected the Womynplace in every scene of this episode. You need to rejuvenate your womynplace like Ramona on Real Housewives by drinking, also like Ramona on Real Housewives!"
Sookie: "Andy Cohen is more beautiful than anyone except Brad Goreski!"
Claudine: "Ever since you got bought out you only talk about Bravo shows!"
Sookie: "That is a misapperception based on misplaced myths about brand loyalty that has no bearing on the quality of the work!"
Claudine: "I still love you."
Sookie: "I still love you! Who are you, though?"
Claudine: "I am a dream about Life and Light! Also a supermodel!"

In the Summerlands, we are beautiful and forever young. It comes at a price; at several prices. The closer to the candle, the more it burns. But after all we've seen of death, can you really say you hate the light of life? It's lame the way it looks today because, God bless her, but Sookie is, for all her wonders, kind of a dork. It's beautiful always, because life, the forces of life, are beautiful. It's the other side of a coin, not just vampire darkness, but the heat and redness of the Weres, too.

But what is Summer? Just the break between the bouts of darkness? Does it exist at all?

Sookie: "What's with all these hot people flouncing around like some Republican's idea of what gay people get up to?"
Claudine: "That's Andrew, and that's Warren, and that little guy over there is Jonathan."
Sookie: "Oh, fairies!"
Claudine: "Don't say that word yet."
Sookie: "This magical water is delicious!"
Claudine: "It's not water!"

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True Blood




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