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In Rhythm & Sorrow
Sookie: "What is it?"
Claudine: "It is Stolichnya! But even more magical!"
Sookie, actual: "It's the most amazing thing I've ever tasted."
Claudine: "You've had it before."

It's like Nature Herself, shooting from your fingertips. She drinks. She's had it before. So have I. So have you. We forgot. This is all remembering.

Sookie: "That half-naked lady just came out of the magical pond! Is that sanitary?"
Claudine: "Magic Fairy Land is also obviously the Bon Temps Cemetery, is that sanitary?"
Sookie: "But for real though?"
Claudine, actual: "Don't be fooled. That pond is bigger and deeper than you think."
Sookie: "That gaywad dancing, it looks appealing to me. Can we dance?"
Claudine, actual: "We can always dance."
Sookie, actual: "I knew you were going to say that!"
Claudine, actual: "I knew you were going to say that!"
Sookie: "We're so fucking clever!"

In the Summerland, every moment is now and every thought is shared. Time is the silliest thing. Vampires don't respect time because even though they go in one direction only, they go a very long way. Humans don't respect time because they can't see it happening until it's too late. But in the Summerland you see it is all one thing: Time and space like a thing you can poke, and us up here staring down at it. I think, you think, it's all blanket. There is only beauty, outside your smallness; that's what the Light tells you. The Dark tells you something else, but that hasn't reached here yet, no matter how empty your chalice gets. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. They dance. They shine.

"I think over again my small adventures, my fears, those small ones that seemed so big. For all the vital things I had to get and reach, and yet there is only one great thing, the only thing: To live to see the great day that dawns, and the light that fills the world."

Jason loves it. It is beautiful. "That's because that shit is Inuit," Lafayette explains. "And we all is used to lesser religions."

But what would a greater religion look like?

They dance. They shine. Everything is beautiful, and nothing hurts. Here. They are a bright candle in the darkness. The great day that dawns, every time. The light that fills the world, at dawn. Summer. They dance in a graveyard and they have no idea what a graveyard is and everything is beautiful. And nothing hurts.

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True Blood




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