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In Rhythm & Sorrow

Promises are important. They leave; the cemetery once again becomes a cemetery. All that life, dancing in the world of death. The world she crossed each and every time she went to him. She falls down, away and asleep, calling out to Claudine as the real world pulls her back.

Jason finally accedes; Bill pulls a Boomer and shunts his blood into her veins, tearing at the flesh inside his wrists.

The Magister comes to Pam bearing "gifts," because he feels so "rotten" about his two days of torturing her. She is bound to a convenient altar with silver chains. The gift is Tiffany, silver earrings. Pam does the whole Tank Girl to the max, as of course she's done for the last two days: "How'd you know I was a Tiffany's girl? They're beautiful... They'll match my chains." (Pam is most wonderful; this is what I am talking about. There's a strength you can have in your extremity that nobody can take away from you. It's the reason I love Lorena, and Debbie, too. And screaming madman Sookie Stackhouse most of all.) Life says, no matter how much she loves you she says: "Ooo baby. Nothing is beautiful. Everything hurts." You can't take a picture of this, Life says. It's already gone, says Death. Do you know what that's worth?

The Madge starts in -- "I realize your ears are already pierced. Would you object to my piercing your eyelids?" -- but Eric immediately shows up, cold as death. It's time to deal. Did he bring Bill? No he did not. But he did bring the Queen of Louisiana, who is all slinky and whatnot. Eric immediately admits everything, the V, doing it for Sophie. Madge reminds him of the original issue, which is that, either way, the V is going to fuck him over in part because he either turns on Sophie or the Authority itself. He picks Sophie, but come on, it's Eric. He's only telling you the truth to further his agenda.

Also, though, Sophie's not his Queen anymore, so it's not technically treachery. (Impute the usual hilarity about how these "kingdoms" are teeny-tiny and dumb.) And who is? Russell, who comes down the stairs with an even more regal air. So then the Magister offers to arrest Sophie, by "the powers vested in me by the Authority," and Russell makes fun of him about that for a while, which maybe makes sense maybe not.

The key is this Authority went from being not a thing to being very much a thing. If you do the viral stuff, videos and stuff -- which I don't, but now have -- you know that the Authority is where Nan Flanagan and the Magister come from. It's sort of a High Council that has nothing to do with royalty: Royalty earned it, Authority has been there since the beginning. Like Russell Time or pre-Russell Time. The Kings and Queens earned their role by being totally awesome, and always there's this other thing that is what's selling the PR of vampires. We don't know about it in the same way that Tara didn't know Franklin needed to explode, but it's about to become very important. I always explain the Madge as the Attorney General, but maybe it's better at this point to refer to them collectively as the Vatican. (Sorry.)

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